Episode 54 The Future of Travel: Chip Conley on Wisdom, Aging & the Modern Elder Academy

Bestselling author and hospitality entrepreneur Chip Conley founded the Modern Elder Academy to change the way we think about aging and happiness, and to help people navigate through midlife. The Modern Elder Academy (MEA) has gained international attention for its campus in Baja attracting midlife seekers from around the world with guest teachers like Richard Rhor, Michael Franti and Pico Iyer. Chip’s goal is to help others reimagine their lives and discover how to work through transitions, cultivate purpose and own wisdom through experiential curriculums, workshops and wellness retreats. MEA is opening a Santa Fe campus next March.

Chip previously served as Airbnb’s Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy where he was given the title “Modern Elder” for being someone who is as curious as he is wise. From studying the Gross National Happiness in Bhutan to going on a listening tour to 16 countries while at Airbnb, Chip has led a life of discovery. In today’s episode, he details his fascinating journey from starting Joie de Vivre Hospitality at only 25-years-old to helping Airbnb go from a start-up to a billion dollar valuation. As a philosopher, writer and psychologist; he shares his secrets with Melissa for running a successful company. He also reveals the insights he’s discovered on aging through decades of experience and gives a sneak peak at his 7th book, Learning to Love MidLife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better with Age, coming out next year. 

Plus Melissa and Chip talk about the upcoming Indagare Journey at MEA’s private beachside enclave in Baja, California taking place next November. To learn more about the Insider Journey, click here.

Lightning Round with Chip:

  • Which three books do you most often recommend? Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste, and Dacher Keltner’s AWE
  • How do you spend the first 30 minutes of your day? I meditate and go for a long walk with my dog Jamie. 
  • A thought leader on aging you admire? Marc Freedman, founder and CEO of CoGenerate.org
  • Favorite restaurant in Santa Fe? Joseph’s Culinary Pub
  • 3 of your favorite hotels (anywhere in the world)? Mayrlife in Austria, COMO Shambhala in Bali, and the Covent Garden Hotel in London
  • The key to happiness in midlife? Doing the “Great Midlife Edit” of letting go what no longer serves you.
  • What are you hoping to learn next? How to be less of a hero and more of a coach in my work life

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