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Our Mission

Our mission at Indagare is to inspire and empower people to change their lives—and the world—through travel and to have a positive impact on the places they visit. How you travel allows you to broaden your perspective and to better understand and support local communities, preserve great cultural sites for future generations, protect critically endangered wildlife and ecosystems and make a difference in the fight against climate change. Each Indagare Membership contributes to the Indagare Impact Fund and carbon neutrality efforts.

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Our Impact


Carbon Neutral

We offset the carbon footprint of all of our members' and staff travels.

Our Impact Pillars


When we send people out into the world, Indagare vets our partners carefully to ensure that we can promote the long-term sustainability and development of the local communities we visit, focusing on the support and elevation of marginalized populations through directed projects that address issues at their root.


Many destinations are at risk of losing their valuable cultural and natural heritages due to overdevelopment—as well as over tourism and poor tourism practices. Indagare believes in preserving long-held customs and architectural wonders and protecting the autonomy of local communities for the future.


In the midst of a rapidly changing climate, every effort to preserve our planet counts—from protecting and conserving wildlife to ensuring carbon neutrality and zero waste—and we are dedicated to helping our members do the same during their travels.

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Impact Report 2023

“We believe that how you travel matters, and that we can have a positive impact on all the places we visit.”

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