Painted Alphabet, Diana Darling, 1992
The American sculptor and Bali resident re-imagines a classic local folktale about a Balinese witch as a fantasy novel.

Bali Behind the Seen: Recent Fiction from Bali, Various
A short story collection by contemporary Balinese fiction writers confronting the forces of tourism and modernization in paradise.

A Little Bit of One O’Clock, William Ingram, 1998
A westerner’s warm, intuitive, witty novel about living with a local family, and their spiritual link to their community and ancestors.


Eat, Pray, Love One Woman’s Search for Everything across Italy, India and Indonesia, Elizabeth Gilbert, 2006
The last third of the book, which covers “Love,” is set in Bali and wonderfully evokes the island and its residents.

A House in Bali, Colin McPhee, 1944
A Canadian composer and musicologist and “ultra-modernist,” the author became interested in gamelan music, traveled to Bali in the 1930’s and wrote a classic memoir about the island, its people and culture – and captured the “sensory overload” that still characterizes the island.

Fragrant Rice: A Taste of Passion, Marriage and Food, Janet DeNeefe, 2004
The Australian author lives with her Balinese husband and four children in Bali where her experience running a restaurant and other businesses inspired this recipe/lifestyle book.


The Road to Bali, Hal Walker, 1952
Among the funniest of the Bob Hope-Bing Crosby road movies, this film has the duo rush out of Australia to avoid romantic entanglements and find they’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

South Pacific, Ryan Murphy, 1958
The Rodgers & Hammerstein musical presents a Western vision of South Seas paradise.

Eat Pray Love, Joshua Logan, 2010
Based on a true story, this film chronicles Liz (played by Julia Roberts) on her inspiring story of self discovery through travel.

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