Exterior View - Astronomical Tower in the Clementinum,Prague, Czech Republic - Courtesy of Daniel Baranek

Astronomical Tower in the Clementinum

Housed in the Czech Republic’s massive national library, this provides a favorite panoramic view in Prague, as it allows you to take in the whole city, including the Charles Bridge. There is a catch: About 120 narrow spiral stairs, to be exact. But if you’re up for the climb, the reward is well worth it. Until the 1920’s the tower was used to calculate high noon, at which time a flag was raised for the castle to see, whereupon a cannon was fired to mark the hour. To get to the tower, you need to take the tour, which leaves hourly. On the way, you’ll see the absolutely amazing library built by the Jesuits, decorated with fantastic frescoes depicting knowledge, learning and wisdom.

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Aerial View - Indagare Tours: City Orientation, Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge & Bridge Towers

Built in 1357, the Charles Bridge’s first bricks were laid down by King Charles himself, arguably Prague’s most lauded leader. The time and date of construction beginning is noted: July 9, 1357 at 5:31pm. The palindromic qualities resonated in a society that took astrology and dates very seriously. The bridge separates Mala Strana from Old Town and is pedestrian-only.

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Day Trip: Český Krumlov

Located a two-hour drive or three-hour train ride from Prague, the small, fairytale town of Český Krumlov offers a particularly picturesque day trip from Prague.
Exterior View - DOX Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic

DOX Contemporary Art

This innovative modern art venue celebrates contemporary movements, both Czech and international.

Forman Brothers’ Theatre

Petr and Matej Forman, twin sons of film director Milos Forman, have done for puppets what Cirque du Soleil did for the circus.
Aerial View - Indagare Tours: City Orientation, Prague, Czech Republic

Indagare Tours: City Orientation

Prague is divided by the Vltava River: on the west side is Mala Strana (Lesser Town), which is close to Prague Castle, and on the east is the Nové Mesto (New Town), founded by Emperor Charles IV in 1348, and Staré Mesto (Old Town), which encompasses such landmarks as the Old Town Square and the Jewish Cemetery. The famous Charles Bridge connects the two banks of the river. Indagare can arrange a guide to take you on a walking tour to familiarize you with the city and its history.

Indagare Tours: Family Farm Excursion

For a truly unique immersion in local Czech culture, head with your guide and driver to a family farm outside of Prague, arranged by Indagare.

Indagare Tours: Josefov, Jewish Quarter

Tour Josefov, the Jewish quarter of Prague, with an expert guide and visit the Alt-Neu Synagogue, preserved since the 13th century and the spiritual center of the Jewish community in Prague; the Maisel Synagogue, home to a large collection of silverware, previously confiscated from Jewish families by the Nazis; the neo-Moorish Spanish Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue where the walls inside are covered with the names of 77,297 Jewish Holocaust victims from Bohemia and Moravia; Klausen Synagogue, a Judaic Baroque building which houses a permanent exhibition showing Jewish customs and traditions and next door is the Ceremonial Hall. The Jewish Cemetery from the 15th century until 1787 was the final resting place for Prague's Jewish community; some 100,000 graves are said to be piled one on top of the other in 12 layers.

Indagare Tours: Little Town, Mala Strana

Explore the Mala Strana district with one of Prague’s expert guides, (the Lesser Town or Little Quarter) which clusters around the foothills of Prague Castle, on the opposite side of the river to the Old Town. Almost too picturesque for its own good - with its ancient burgher houses, quaint side streets and St. Nicholas Church - Mala Strana is a favorite setting for films and commercials. At the heart of Mala Strana is a baroque square, Malastranske Namesti. Here, and all around in the cobblestone side streets, there is plenty to explore in the small boutique shops, churches, traditional Czech pubs and restaurants, some located in ancient cellars, others offering fine views of the river.

If interested, continue on to the Kafka Museum which takes you into the world of Franz Kafka, world-renowned representative of Prague German literature, and one of the most significant prose writers in 20th-century world literature. This long-term exhibition presents most of the first editions of his works, letters, diaries, manuscripts, photographs and drawings never before displayed in Prague; 3-D installations and five audiovisual pieces and a soundtrack specially created for the exhibition.

Exterior View - Indagare Tours: Lobkowicz Palace,Prague, Czech Republic

Indagare Tours: Lobkowicz Palace

Located within the Prague Castle complex, the Lobkowicz Palace houses a significant portion of what is one of the most important private collections in all of Central Europe. The paintings on view here rival those found in the world’s top-tier museums, and include Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s Haymaking, arguably the single most important painting in the Czech Republic. My favorite part of the exhibition, however, is the series of landscape paintings by Croll, which document, with Biedermeier clarity and informality, the Lobkowicz family’s many estates and the stunning Bohemian countryside of the 1840s. The family’s Music Archive is also quite impressive and features more than 4,000 scores, including original copies of Beethoven’s 4th and 5th Symphonies (complete with his own corrections), and a manuscript of Handel’s Messiah that was later revised and re-orchestrated by Mozart in a torrent of briskly inked annotations.

At least as impressive is the palace itself. Built in the mid-16th century and occupied by the family since that time, the palace was confiscated by the government in the 1940s, and the family relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. The fall of communism led to the passing of restitution laws in the early 1990s, which, in turn, led to the Lobkowicz family finally regaining ownership of many of their holdings throughout the Czech Republic, including the palace itself in 2002. The museum was opened to the public in 2007. Indagare can arrange for private tours of this castle and others of the family that include meals, wine tastings and visits with the prince himself.

There is an excellent museum shop, as well as a restaurant that offers breathtaking views of the entire city.

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Interior View - Indagare Tours: Mucha Museum,Prague, Czech Republic - Courtesy of Mucha Trust 2014

Indagare Tours: Mucha Museum

Best known for his Art Nouveau posters of stage actress Sarah Bernhardt, Alphonse Mucha was born in Moravia but made a name for himself in Paris in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In 1910, he settled in Prague, where he designed everything from books to banknotes in his characteristic style until his death, in 1939. This small museum devoted to his works can be combined with a visit to his house, at Hradanske Square 6, which gives a sense of extravagant prewar life in Prague. Mucha’s daughter-in-law often leads the tours herself. Contact Indagare to arrange tours of the house.

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Aerial View - Prague Castle,Prague, Czech Republic

Indagare Tours: Prague Castle – Hradcany

Explore the largest medieval castle complex in Europe with one of Prague’s expert guides beginning with a visit the Strahov Monastery where we arrange for exclusive entry (optionally) into the famous libraries, the Philosophical and Theological Halls. This special monastic collection contains over 16,000 volumes and is normally closed to all visitors.

Exterior View - Indagare Tours: Stare Mesto, Old Town,Prague, Czech Republic

Indagare Tours: Stare Mesto, Old Town

Enjoy a walking tour of the Old Town with one of Prague’s expert guides, starting with a visit to Old Town Square, one of the largest and most beautiful town squares in Europe. Take an elevator ride to the top of Old Town Hall to enjoy panoramic views of the city. Observe the procession of the Twelve Apostles on the Astronomical Clock on the hour, every hour, as a small trap door opens and Christ marches out ahead of his disciples, while the skeleton of death tolls the bell to a defiant statue of a Turk. See the stunning St. Nicholas Church as well as the gothic Church of Our Lady before Tyn. Afterwards, visit the Estates Theater where Mozart's Don Giovanni was first performed. We will then make our way to the Municipal House, Prague's most prominent Art Nouveau building; it is a beautiful cultural center with exhibition halls and auditorium.

Exterior View - Jazz Dock,Prague, Czech Republic

Jazz Dock

This jazz club on the river makes for a lovely night out, especially for guests at the nearby Mandarin Oriental.

Exterior View - Jewish Museum in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Jewish Museum in Prague

The Jewish Museum consists of multiple locations spread out around the Jewish district, including the Old Jewish Cemetery with 12,000 gravestones; Old-New Synagogue, the oldest in Europe; Pinkas Synagogue, which acts as a memorial to the Bohemian and Moravian Jewish peoples killed during the Holocaust; and the Spanish Synagogue, an ornate Moorish building.

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Exterior View - Kafka Museum,Prague, Czech Republic - Courtesy of Yair Haklai

Kafka Museum

This deceivingly small museum, near the Kampa Museum and right on the river, examines the life and oeuvre of Franz Kaftka in a unique—and quite intellectual—manner. There’s lots to read, including original letters and journal pages, as well as video installations and many photographs, including ones of historic Prague. For kids studying Kafka in school, this is a great place to gain a deeper understanding of the tortured author, who regarded Prague both as an entrapment and an inspiration. The gift shop has his major works translated into every imaginable language.

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Exterior View - Kampa Museum,Prague, Czech Republic

Kampa Museum

This wonderfully restored former flour mill, dating from the 14th century, shows a superb collection of Czech modern art. Jan and Meda Mládek (he was born in Poland and she in Bohemia; they met in Paris and emigrated to Washington, D.C., in 1960) spent decades collecting the works of Central European artists. Jan died before the Velvet Revolution, but his wife donated the works to the city and oversaw the completion of the riverside museum. Adjacent to the museum is the beautiful Kampa Park, a lovely spot for a mid-day break during warm weather.

Exterior View - Marionettes Shop,Prague, Czech Republic

Marionettes Shop

Pinocchio may not have been born in Bohemia but marionettes are everywhere. Fun, inexpensive ones can be found at the stalls at the farmers’ market, but for handmade, wooden and plaster ones head to the Marionettes Shop.

Exterior View - Museum of Czech Cubism/House of the Black Madonna,Prague, Czech Republic

Museum of Czech Cubism/House of the Black Madonna

The first and most famous example of cubist architecture in Prague, the Museum of Czech Cubism was designed and built in 1912, and is a definite must for art lovers. Located in the Old Town neighborhood known for Baroque architecture, the stark building was a daring departure from the norm by Czech architect Josef Gočár, a risk that only adds to the museum’s significance. Also referred to as the House of the Black Madonna, the museum offers an aesthetic experience beginning with the imposing façade and drawn out in gallery after gallery filled with cubist pieces from 1910-19.

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Theatre at National Marionette Theatre,Prague, Czech Republic

National Marionette Theatre

This theater puts on shows daily (except Wednesdays) at 8pm. Adults and (older) children alike will be enthralled.

Aerial View - Obecní Dum (Municipal House),Prague, Czech Republic

Obecní Dum (Municipal House)

This striking Art Nouveau structure stands as a testament to the optimism and opulence that swept over the city in the early 20th century.
Exterior View - Indagare Tours: Stare Mesto, Old Town,Prague, Czech Republic

Old Town Square

As the center of Prague’s Old Town, this square is home to St. Nicholas Church, Old Town Hall, Monument to Jan Hus (the brave man who preached against Prague’s corrupt medieval church and was subsequently burned at the stake), Church of Our Lady of Tyn and Astrological Tower.

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Exterior View - Petřín Hill, Prague, Czech Republic

Petřín Hill

Wonderfully tourist-free, the mirror maze is housed in a mock-Gothic castle built for the 1891 Prague Jubilee.
Clock at Prague Astronomical Clock Tower,Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Astronomical Clock Tower

An elevator now facilitates the climb atop this iconic tower, in the middle of the Old Town Square. The top is not for those with vertigo: the railings are low, the path that snakes around the outside is narrow and there’s seemingly no limit as to how many visitors are allowed. Time your trip wisely (lunchtime when everyone else is in the restaurants is a good time, as is evening just before they close); the 360-degree views are worth the wait and make for a wonderful way to situate yourself in the city.

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Unknown image

Prague Castle

Prague’s castle complex, whose construction started in 885 A.D., consists of multiple buildings and all together makes up the world’s largest castle.
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Exterior View - Prague National Theatre,Prague, Czech Republic

Prague National Theatre

One of the best places to experience the melding of the city’s history, architecture and art is at a performance at the National Theatre. Founded in 1868, the riverside venue offers opera, theater and ballet in splendid surroundings.

Exterior View - Prague State Opera,Prague, Czech Republic - Courtesy of Tony Hisgett

Prague State Opera

This building boasts a grand exterior with neo-Rococo interiors, a vaulted ceiling and walls adorned with allegorical frescoes and stucco ornaments.


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