Mexico City

Courtesy of Xavier Quetzalcoatl Contreras Castillo

The largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere, Mexico City, while remaining deeply-rooted in tradition, is in the midst of a modern renaissance. Visitors to the capital will experience its dynamism: ancient ruins juxtapose with modern architecture, age-old flavors pervade experimental cuisine and the colorful, vibrant city continues to evolve in its cultural identity.

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    Art Lovers | Families | Foodies | Intellectuals
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    December-February | March-May | September-November
  • Ideal length of stay
    1-2 Nights

Designing Your Journey

Work with Indagare to design the perfect itinerary for an immersive journey. Our travel experts know the destination inside and out, and they can make recommendations based on your travel needs and preferences.

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    Essential Mexico City

    The perfect Mexico City itinerary blends incredible dining with once-in-a-lifetime art and culture experiences. Here is just one example of what our destination experts can create for you.

    • Mexico City Zocalo Square

      Day 1: Historic Mexico City

      Mexico City is the oldest capital in the Americas, as it was founded in 1325 by the Aztec people, who called it “Teotihuacan.” With an expert guide, enjoy a special access tour of the ruins of the Teotihuacan Pyramids and learn about the region’s fascinating indigenous history and culture. In the afternoon, explore the modern chapter of Mexico City—including its rebellion from the Spanish Empire in the 19th century—with visits to such monuments as the Zocalo square and the Chapultepec Castle.

    • Day 2: Art and Design

      Mexico City is home to some of the most impressive ancient and modern art works in the world. With an expert guide arranged by Indagare, visit such iconic sites as the Casa Luis Barragan, the home of the modernist architect, the Frida Kahlo Museum and the Soumaya Museum. The crown jewel that should not be missed, however, lies in the beautiful Palacio Nacional—whose entrance hall is covered in the fiery, colorful murals of Diego Rivera, which depict Christopher Columbus’ violent conquest of the Americas. After your tour and lunch at a popular restaurant, spend some time shopping the city’s best galleries and boutiques.

    • Mexico City Pujol Corn

      Day 3: Food & City Tour

      With your local guide, sample the flavors that make Mexico City one of the up-and-coming culinary capitals of the world. You will experience Mexico City’s best markets, food stalls, restaurants and more. In the afternoon, enjoy some time exploring the city’s modern attractions, like the San Angel Bazaar and the trendy Polanco and Roma neighborhoods.

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Indagare's Marley Lynch
"Don’t forget to ask around for a street-food recommendation, as your favorite taco (or tamale, or tostada, or torta…) will likely be enjoyed off of a paper plate, sitting on the curb."

What To See & Do

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Indagare Insider Amy abrams, Co-founder of Artists & Fleas
"Mexico City is one of the places that most inspire me. The food is amazing and the city is having a real moment these days."

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