Aerial View-Big Moscow State Circus, Moscow, Russia

Big Moscow State Circus

The Big Moscow State Circus is very va-voom and Vegasy with acrobats, showgirls (in R-rated costumes) and lots of razzle dazzle but the kids eat it up
Artist Performing at Bolshoi Theatre , Moscow, Russia-Photo by Damir Yusupov

Bolshoi Theatre

The famous Bolshoi theater reopened in 2011 after an extensive six-year renovation that cost between $750 million and $1.1 billion. It now stands as one of the most exquisite performance halls in the world. Facing the Russian classical-style building on Teatralnaya Square, you would have no idea that it and its annexes hold fourteen floors of stages and rehearsal areas and tunnels to the surrounding buildings. It is the second largest opera house in the world after La Scala with the world’s largest ballet company (more than 200 dancers) and is dedicated to celebrating its national legacy so more than 70 percent of its performances are of Russian ballets and operas, many of which are rarely performed outside of the country. In addition to its incredible history and legacy, the setting is extraordinary. Among the notable features: the French chandelier with 24,000 crystals, the red velvet seats with gilt wooden backs, a stage that can be tilted for performances, and the state-of-the-art acoustic system. Contact the Indagare Bookings Team to arrange a behind-the-scenes visit.

Indagare Tip: You can book tickets online but you will pay considerably more for the convenience.

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Painting atCathedral of Christ the Savior ,  Moscow, Russia

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The original cathedral, the largest Russian Orthodox Cathedral ever built, was erected to commemorate Napoleon’s withdrawal from Moscow
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Exterior Vierw-Day Trip: Arkhangelskoye , Moscow, Russia

Day Trip: Arkhangelskoye

This palace, which lies a dozen miles west of Moscow, has been called Russian Versailles for its extravagant architecture and art-filled halls. It was built as a private palace and under Soviet times was used by the military but it is now open to the public who can come to enjoy its art collection and glorious gardens. In summer there are numerous concerts on the grounds. Indagare members can contact the Bookings Team to arrange a visit.


Diamond Vaults

Officially known as the State Diamond Fund, the Diamond Vaults are located in the Armory Museum of the Kremlin.
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Aerial View-Gorky Park ,  Moscow, Russia

Gorky Park

This mammoth park, which Westerners associate with the spy novel by Martin Cruz Smith, is Moscow’s Central Park and full of restaurants and leisure activities. The Moscow River runs through it and residents come for long strolls, picnics, roller blading and romance. Kids may enjoy the ferris wheel ride.

Continental Dish at Kremlin , Moscow, Russia-A Fabergé egg in the collection of the Armory


Many people assume that the Kremlin is one building, but it is an entire walled city that encompasses government offices as well as museums and cathedrals.
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Enterior View-Moscow Metro Stations ,  Moscow, Russia-Courtesy of Andrey Kryuchenko

Moscow Metro Stations

It may sound strange to say that visiting a city’s subway system is a sightseeing must-do, but Moscow’s metro stations are not typical. In fact, during the Soviet era, the government felt that these thoroughfares should serve as grand palaces for the people so they were embellished with decorative accents like chandeliers and marble benches and statues that were taken from churches or palaces or with worker murals created to reinforce the teachings of the Soviet Party.

By riding a few stops with the city’s daily 9 million passengers, you can visit stations that feature stained glass, mosaics and Baroque statues. A few notable stations are: Komsomolskaya (chandeliers, ceiling frescos); Novoslobodskaya (stained glass detailing), Ploschad' Revolyutsii (sculptures) and Mayakovskaya (incredible Art Deco details; considered by many to be one of the most beautiful stations).

Indagare members can contact the Bookings Team to arrange guided visits.

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Enterior View-Nikulin’s Circus , Moscow, Russia

Nikulin's Circus

In a slightly better location is Nikulin’s Circus, which features many of the same acts but also lots of animals like dancing bears and trained monkeys.
Enterior View-Nuclear Bunker,Moscow,Mockaba

Nuclear Bunker

It is now possible to visit one of the nuclear bunkers that the Soviets built in the 1950s as a safe house 200 feet below ground
Statue at Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts , Moscow, Russia

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Founded in 1898, the Pushkin State Museum contains the best collection of foreign art in Moscow, with treasures ranging from ancient times to the present day. President Medvedev upgraded the facilities with an expansion plan that moved the 19th and 20th century pieces into a mansion next to the main building. In this new wing, highlights are important works by Cézanne, Gaugin, Monet, Matisse, Rodin and Picasso. In the other wing are fabulous Dutch and Italian masterpieces as well as Egyptian antiquities. The Hermitage may be Russia’s best-known museum but the Pushkin is a world-class collection and one worthy of many hours exploring. Closed on Mondays.

Indagare members can contact the Bookings Team to arrange a visit.

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Exterior View-Red Square ,Moscow, Russia

Red Square

The iconic heart of the city, Red Square has witnessed historic moments and stills draws crowds daily.
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Exterior View-Tretyakov State Galleries, Moscow, Russia

Tretyakov State Galleries

Housed in the former home of Pavel Tretyakov, this fabulous collection covers four centuries of Russian art history. The earliest works are Russian icons from the 16th century but the ones that will leave the greatest impression are those from the 19th and 20th centuries. The works of Russian painters such as Shihkin, Repin and Levitan would undoubtedly be as well known as those of Matisse and John Singer Sargent if the Russian Revolution hadn’t cut these masters off from the international community.

Indagare members can contact the Bookings Team to arrange a visit.

Interior View-Winzavod ,Moscow, Russia


Winzavod, a former industrial site, is known as Moscow’s Chelsea because of the growing number of contemporary art galleries housed here.

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