A-G Studio

Chic by Accident’s Juliette Frey and Sophia Wheeler recommend this gallery from local designer Andres Gutierrez. “He shows his own designs and a curation of incredible designers from all over the country.”

Arte de Oaxaca

Arte de Oaxaca is the first gallery ever founded in Oaxaca. Come here for rotating exhibitions and a survey of local, up-and-coming artists.

Aerial View-Beaches ,Los Cabos, Mexico-Courtesy of One & Only Palmilla


Protected by a cove, Playa Palmilla, at One & Only Palmilla, has one of Cabo’s few swimmable resort beaches—strong riptides and undercurrents render most too dangerous, at least for inexperienced swimmers. Other (relativey safe) beaches include: Playa Médano, a bar-lined stretch of sand in Cabo San Lucas and the Corridor’s pink-tinged Santa María beach—both are big water sports destinations. The more secluded Playa Las Viudas, located just west of the former Twin Dolphins resort, is a popular and pretty picnic spot, whose concealing rock formations attract “au naturel” sunbathers. Surfers head north to Playa Costa Azul, near San José del Cabo, and to Los Cerritos and San Pedrito, south of Todos Santos.

Editors' Picks
Aerial View-Cabo del Sol ,Cabos, Mexico

Cabo del Sol

Cabo del Sol’s two eighteen-hole courses - Ocean and Desert - rank amongst the best in Los Cabos, a dream destination for devout golfers. Some will tell you it’s hard to find better courses in all of Mexico. The 18-hole desert course was designed by Tom Weiskopf, and the championship ocean course by Jack Nicklaus, who also masterminded the 27-hole Palmilla Golf Club.

Editors' Picks

Cabo Dolphin Center

The chance to wrestle marlin and tuna has lured fearless anglers to Cabo for decades; for a more serene (and child-friendly) experience, there’s the Cabo Dolphin Center. Located in the Cabo San Lucas Marina, it offers hour-long swims as well as a Trainer for a Day program, where participants learn feeding and behavioral training techniques and receive a DVD and diploma at the end of the session. As with most everything else in Cabo, the experience comes with a hefty price tag.

Cabo Real

Other golf giants to come down to Cabo include Robert Trent Jones Jr., who designed the 18-hole Cabo Real, home to two PGA Senior Slams as well as a host of other tournaments.

Campeche Galería

Designer Rodman Primack recommends this contemporary art gallery in Roma Sur. It showcases rising and established Mexican artists and regularly hosts exhibitions.

San Miguel de Allende Street Shot

Casa Dragones Tequila Experiences in San Miguel de Allende

Explore the culture and history of Casa Dragones tequila with private experiences arranged by Indagare.

Exterior View - Casa Luis Barragan, Mexico City, Mexico

Casa Luis Barragan

The former studio and home of the modernist architect Luis Barragan has been preserved to maintain its near perfect condition, and is today a remarkable and unique museum that highlights the work by a great architect. It is due to this preservation that your guide can explain the nuances of artistic intent with which Barragan designed his extraordinary home. Soaring ceilings filled with natural light contrast with narrow hallways illuminated by colorful stained glass, all with a gorgeous garden backdrop. The property only permits small groups and entrance is by appointment, so museum tours are intimate experiences—as if each visitor is a guest of the master himself. Indagare members can contact our Bookings Team for help with planning.

Interior View-Cenotes ,Riviera Maya, Mexico-Courtesy of Hidden Worlds


The Riviera Maya’s network of underground rivers, caves and sinkholes can be explored by swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers. The fresh water provides incredible visibility, and there’s a bewildering array of stalactites and rock formations to be seen. You’ll notice plenty of signs advertising cenotes along Carretera 307, but since some are geared to more advanced divers, you should ask the concierge at your resort or your Indagare travel adviser which she recommends. A fifteen-minute drive north of Tulum will take you to Hidden Worlds (www.hiddenworlds.com), which has some striking cenotes, including the Cenote Dos Ojos (two eyes), the world’s third largest known underwater cave system, which was featured in the IMAX film Journey Into Amazing Caves. If you’re the least bit claustrophobic, be sure to check whether your cenotes adventure includes traversing narrow passages. Private guides can also access other cenotes only visited by a handful rather than tour buses. Contact the Indagare Bookings Team to arrange a guide and private tour.

Editors' Picks

Chapel and Convent of the Capuchinas Sacramentarias

Architect lovers make pilgrimages to this Luis Barragan-designed convent and chapel, opened in 1960. And while the exteriors are unremarkable, Barragan’s interiors are a masterpiece. Less visited than his house and studio, the convent "is unique," says Mexico City hotelier Samuel Leizorek. “It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen—and completely unexpected. Even though it’s small, the intimacy of what Barragan was able to do with the play of light and color is one of his most special projects.”

Visits are by appointment only, with a guide.

Editors' Picks
Exterior View - Chapultepec Castle ,  Mexico City, Mexico - Courtesy Journey Mexico

Chapultepec Castle

As one of Mexico City’s greatest triumphs, Chapultepec Castle is a historical site, national museum and a site to enjoy some of the best views in the city. The castle sits atop Chapultepec Hill (almost 8,000 feet above sea level), which was once a sacred site to the Aztecs. Initially constructed as a country house under Spanish rule in 1785, the structure was completed as the ornate and stately home of the French-imposed sovereign, Emperor Maximilian, almost 100 years later. The castle has both classic and gothic inspirations and boasts glorious gardens throughout the property as well as collections from the former National Museum of Archaeology, History and Ethnograph. Don’t miss the preserved interiors of the emperor’s home, featuring breathtaking stained glass and spectacular murals.

Swimming Pool at Chartering a Boat ,Tulum, Mexico

Chartering a Boat

Sail the turquoise protected waters between Isla Mujeres and Cancun, just north of the Riviera Maya. We can arrange for a boat charter to offer you the unique opportunity to spend a memorable day while sailing in the protected waters on the north shores of Quintana Roo, visiting secluded coral reefs for snorkeling. Your host will pick you up at your hotel where you will be drive to Cancun’s private marina. After a brief introduction with the captain and his crew, you will board your vessel and start your journey into the Caribbean. Drinks, snacks and snorkeling equipment are included, and the captain knows the best private coves and beaches for a crowd-free snorkeling experience.

Swimming Pool at Chartering a Boat ,Tulum, Mexico

Chartering a Boat

Sail the turquoise protected waters between Isla Mujeres and Cancun, just north of the Riviera Maya.
Aerial View-Chichen Itza & Valladolid ,Tulum, Mexico

Chichen Itza & Valladolid

Chichen Itzá was chosen in 2007 as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World ,and Valladolid, the former capital of the state of Yucatan, is a charming town that offers a glimpse into Mexico’s rich colonial and pre-Colombian culture.

Coba & Tulum

Discover the most important Mayan Archeological Sites of northern Quintana Roo – Coba and Tulum. Both archeological sites are located close to the resorts on the Riviera Maya – Tulum on the sea, and Coba inland. After meeting your guide and driver at the hotel, the first stop will be Coba, approximately a 1.5 hour drive. Upon arrival and before entering the site, your guide will explain the historical importance of Coba, including the persistence of Mayan culture in the area (the locals still speak the Mayan dialect). After the visit, continue to some of the area’s best-kept secrets, the amazing network of underground cenotes. Because the limestone shelf of the Yucatan Peninsula is flat and porous, there are no above-ground rivers. Instead, rain and inland streams runs underground through a network of subterranean rivers that crisscross the region. Cool off from the Coba tour with a swim, then continue to lunch by Coba Lake, after which you’ll take a thirty-minute drive to Tulum. Tulum’s pre-Hispanic name was Zama, which means “dawn”; most archeologists believe this is due to Tulum’s geographic location, perched on a cliff looking eastwards upon the Caribbean Sea, allowing for a full appreciation of the sunrise. Following the tour at Tulum, you can either return to your hotel or explore the funky beach town by the same name.

shopping in oaxaca

Day Tour: Artisan Villages

Indagare can arrange privately guided half-day and full-day tours to explore some of the pueblos villages surrounding Oaxaca City that are best known for their artisanal crafts and folk art specialties, like Cuilapan, Zaachila, Ocotlan, Jalieza and Coyotepec. Here, you'll meet the master artisans keeping these ancient traditions alive—from the famous Oaxacan black pottery to textiles-weaving and knife-making—and even get to visit them in their homes and studios. (Plus, don't miss a visit to the alebrije workshop of Jacob and Maria Angeles, whose colorful, fantastical wooden creatures helped inspire Pixar’s CoCo.) Along the way, stop to see local markets and historic sites like monasteries and churches.

Editors' Picks
agave plants in oaxaca

Day Tour: Mezcal Distilleries (Palenques)

A day trip to visit Oaxaca's famous palenques, or mezcal spirit distilleries, is an absolute must. Indagare can arrange guided tours that will bring you to some of our favorite spots, including well-known establishments and off-the-beaten-path treasures.

If you're exploring on your own, and perhaps sticking closer to Oaxaca City, a few tasting rooms we recommend include: Mezcaleriá In Situ, Mezcalería Cuish and Mezcaloteca.

Says Indagare's Elise Bronzo: "Mezcal is having a moment, and craft cocktail aficionados might not know that mezcal is an "umbrella term" for all agave-derived spirits. Mezcal is associated with the smokiest varietal; however, tequila is in fact a mezcal (made from blue agave only)—as are lesser-known spirits like Pulque or Pechuga. While in Oaxaca, where many "palenques" (agave farms and distilleries) are located, we recommend trying various agaves, like Madrecuish, Tobalá and Tepeztate, which each have their own flavor profile (like tasting wine in Napa Valley). If you’re feeling adventurous, order your mezcal neat (sip with Tajín salt and an orange slice, don’t shoot!) and skip the Espadín—you can get that in New York. Pro tip: You are allowed to bring up to four bottles of mezcal home in your checked luggage.”

Unknown image

Day Trips

Visit towns like Guanajuato, Santiago de Queretaro or Dolores Hidalgo for more colonial architecture and history on a day trip from San Miguel, Mexico.
Sea Tutle at Tulum and Akumal ,Tulum, Mexico-Photo by Serge Melki

Diving & Snorkeling

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef begins north of Cancún, runs all the way to Honduras and is touted as the world’s second largest (after Australia’s Great Barrier). The Yucatán has always been popular with divers and snorkelers, and one of the main diving hubs is Akumal, particularly its scenic Half Moon Bay. Families with younger children should try the Yal-Ku lagoon, which has almost no current and kid-sized life jackets for rent – a perfect place for first-time adventurers to get their feet wet. From May to September, don’t miss the incredible opportunity to swim with migrating whale sharks, gentle giants that often exceed 30 feet in length.


Editors' Picks
Sea Tutle at Tulum and Akumal ,Tulum, Mexico-Photo by Serge Melki

Diving & Snorkeling

From May to September, don’t miss the incredible opportunity to swim with migrating whale sharks, gentle giants that often exceed 30 feet in length.
Editors' Picks

Extreme Control Kite Surfing

Despite occasionally strong winds, Tulum can be a frustrating place for beginner kite surfers. Intermediate and advanced students, however, have a blast gliding up and down the beach. An introductory lesson takes 3-4 hours; don't get your hopes up, however, that you will see any action in the water. The beginning of kite surfing is purely on land (you literally learn how to fly the kite). One of the most trusted outfitters is Extreme Control, with a perch on the beach between Casa de las Olas and Be Tulum.

Flora  And Fauna Garden at  Flora’s Farm  , Los Cabos, Mexico

Flora Farms

This ten-acre farm in the shadow of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains has become a must-visit for families and food lovers visiting Cabo. The family-owned enterprise grows organic vegetables and fruits and has expanded from a produce stand to include a Field Kitchen restaurant and a cottage community. The Field Kitchen restaurant serves freshly baked bread, salads fresh from the garden and meats that all come from the owner’s nearby 150-acre ranch. For farm tours and meals, you should reserve in advance.

Editors' Picks
Exterior View - Frida Kahlo Museum, Mexico City, Mexico - Courtesy Rod Waddington

Frida Kahlo Museum

Casa Azul, or the Blue House, is the birthplace and lifelong home of artist Frida Kahlo, and was transformed into a museum following her death in 1958. The house walls are covered with the artist’s evocative paintings and throughout are decorated with mementos of Kahlo’s life (including her easel and a collection of pre-Hispanic art). The entrance lines can be long, particularly on weekends, so be sure to pre-purchase your tickets online.

Gallery OMR

Chic by Accident’s Juliette Frey and Sophia Wheeler recommend this art gallery which has showcased leading multimedia artists since 1983.

Aerial View-Going with a Guide ,Tulum, Mexico

Going with a Guide

The treasures of Tulum, from the archeological site to the natural wonders of Sian Ka'an are best explored with a local guide who can highlight the hidden wonders, pull the history into context and get visitors off the beaten tourist path. Indagare can organize a host of tours, from simple half-day walking tours of the Tulum Ruins and swimming in a private cenotes (underground river) to day-trip excursions to Chichen Itza and scuba diving around Cozumel. Indagare members can contact our Bookings Team for help with trip planning, including customized recommendations and itineraries.

Aerial View-Golf ,Punta Mita, Mexico


Punta Mita boasts two Jack Nicklaus–designed courses. The par-72 Pacifico course opened in 1999 and is famous for its extra challenging Tail of the Whale hole, located on an island just offshore. The Bahía course, which has a hole on the beach, welcomed its first players in 2008. Be sure to book tee times early during high season, since both courses are extremely popular with guests in the area.


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