Exteriors - Achilleion ,Corfu, Greece - Courtesy Marc Rychaert


This summer palace was built by Austrian Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria, and it was designed with the mythical hero Achilles as its theme. Just a few miles south of Corfu Town, Achilleion features a remarkable collection of paintings and statues dedicated to its Greek icon. The palace has a panoramic view of town and the Ionian sea from its hilltop perch.

View of The Parthenon Gallery at Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece - Copyright Nikos Daiilidis

Acropolis Museum

A stunning modern three-story glass building with transparent floors, the new Acropolis Museum—designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects—manages to both compete and compliment the Acropolis itself. The reflective facade catches the ancient monument, only 300 yards away. One of the most impressive details is the display of an archeological excavation on the site of the museum, which includes ruins from the 4th through 7th centuries A.D., made visible through the first floor. Another must see is the restoration of the famous Caryatids, the elegant female statues that have watched the world go by from the Acropolis for more than 2,000 years, which is on view through the end of the year.

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Agathopes Beach

Golden sand, shimmering waters and comfortable sunbeds with umbrellas await at this gorgeous beach on the southwest of Syros Island, Greece.
Ancient Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece - Courtesy M. Oonik

Ancient Akrotiri

The 3,500-year-old city of Akrotiri offers a unique insight into prehistoric civilization. The volcanic eruption that blew out the heart of Santorini buried this Minoan settlement under ash. Discovered in 1967, only a fraction of the site has been excavated (uncovering the entire city could take a century). It’s worth visiting with a guide; contact our Bookings Team to arrange a tour.

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Aerial View of Graeme Churchard in Aptera, Crete, Greece


A Roman colony built on the ruins of a Minoan site, this archaeological site is a smorgasbord of Crete’s colorful history: an ancient Greek theatre and temple, Roman baths, a Turkish castle and an Orthodox monastery. Many experts predict that future excavations will reveal a new Knossos—now it’s like Knossos without the crowds. On a plateau high above the port of Souda, framed by the White Mountains and the sea, Aptera is worth a visit for the views alone.

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Water park at Aqua Land, Corfu, Greece

Aqua Land

Europe’s largest water park pales in comparison to Atlantis in the Bahamas but for kids who are weary of sight-seeing it provides a few hours of amusement. Aqua Land covers over 400,000 square feet and features interactive pools such as a lazy river raft ride and free fall water slides. Scattered throughout the park are snack stands and areas for smaller children.

Archeological Museum

This museum’s main exhibit features archeological finds from the Temple of Artemis, including the oldest stone pediment in Greece, which dates back to 590 BC. There are also excavations from the ancient city of Corfu, including terracotta statues, marble sculptures and coins.

Exterior View - Benaki Museum ,Athens, Greece

Benaki Museum

Originally established in 1930 and based in the Benaki family mansion, the museum is now a complex of half a dozen spaces scattered throughout the city. Their contemporary collection, which is housed in a new annex in the industrial Rouf neighborhood, has always been excellent but should prove to get more interesting now that they are collaborating with Dakis Joannou's Deste Foundation.

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Interior VIew - Breeder Gallery,Athens, Greece

Breeder Gallery

Located in a renovated ice cream factory, this white cube without windows located within Athens's gritty but quickly gentrifying red light district is one of most respected contemporary art galleries in the country.

Interior View - Casa Parlante , Corfu, Greece

Casa Parlante

Escape Corfu Town’s busy streets and step into this delightful museum describing the life of a 19th-century Corfiot aristocrat. Casa Parlante recreates a noble family’s mansion, using antique furniture specific to the period and animatronic figures to convey the stories and dynamics of the family that lived in this original building. A labor of love, this private museum is funded by a Corfu local and a grant from the government.

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Catholic Cathedral of Saint George

The Catholic Cathedral of Saint George was built atop Ano Syros, Greece in the 1830s, with pretty pastel hues and marble columns.
Aerial View - Chrissi Island,Crete, Greece

Chrissi Island

Also known as Gaidouronisi (Donkey Island), this uninhabited wildlife sanctuary is like a tropical illusion adrift in the Libyan Sea. Shaped from the lava of an underwater volcano, the island’s white sand beaches are fringed by fragrant cedar trees. Rolling dunes spill into shallow, translucent water that’s perfect for snorkeling. Bellegrina beach, covered in shells in every shade of pink, is especially beautiful. Day trips from Ierapetra run between May and October.

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Church of Agios Nikolaos

Located close to Miaouli Square, the center of Ermoupoli, stands the church of Agios Nikolas—a Greek Orthodox Church with a unique interior.
Cinema at Cine Manto,Mykonos, Greece

Cine Manto

Take the kids to see popular films al fresco, under the stars. Two films are shown every day all summer in this charming tree-lined garden with a café in the center of Choro. Make it a night and go for a pizza afterwards at Casa di Giorgio.

Outside Launge AT Cine Paris,Athens, Greece

Cine Paris

One of the popular things for Athens locals to do in the summer months is to go to one of the several open-air cinemas. Everyone has his favorite. Prince Nikolaus loves the one in Plaka on a rooftop garden called Cine Paris with a view of the Parthenon.

Corfu Town

Located on the eastern waterfront of the island, Old Town, dates back to the 8th century BC. The fortified port has been under French, British and Venetian rule, and much of that international influence is imbued in Corfu’s culture, cuisine and architecture—most evident in the well-preserved Corfu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Spend a day walking around the town’s wide avenues, small cobblestone side streets and bougainvillea-lined pathways. Neoclassical buildings house storefronts, restaurants and cafés, and the multiple piazzas are always bustling with a mix of camera-toting tourists, musical performers and locals. If the crowds get to be a bit much, head to the boardwalk, where you can take a leisurely walk on a shady path to the windmill on the other side of the bay. Along the way, you’ll pass locals on bicycles and walking their dogs.

On the outer perimeter of town are two forts that helped defend the ruling Venetian government from the encroaching Ottoman Empire. Visit the Old Fort for expansive views of Garitsa Bay. For a historical perspective on Corfu, visit the Archeological Museum or the delightful Casa Parlante.

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Aerial View-Delos ,Mykonos, Greece-Courtesy Bernard Gagnon


Just a few miles from buzzy Mykonos sits a quiet refuge, the uninhabited island of Delos. Considered an important archeological, mythological and historical place, UNESCO made Delos a World Heritage Site in 1990. The island's first inhabitants date back to the 3rd millennium BC, and it claims to be the birthplace of twin mythical gods, Apollo and Artemis. Don’t miss the on-site museum and Temple of Isis overlooking the harbor.

Tip: Go early in the morning on a non-windy day, bring water and be back by lunch to avoid the heat. There are ferries daily from the port.

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Interior View - DG Beautyworld,Mykonos, Greece

DG Beautyworld

In case one’s hotel doesn’t deliver on the crucial mani/pedi front then this spa is the place to go. DG Beautyworld offers a thorough array of treatments/services, including manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages, blow dries and makeup.

Unknown image

Galissas Beach

A family-friendly beach in the southwest of Syros, Galissas is a nice stretch of sandy beach in an enclosed bay with a great sunset view.
Unknown image

Golden Beach (Chryssí Aktí)

Golden Beach in Paros, Greece is famous for being one of the best bays for water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding.
Aerial View - Indagare Tour: Acropolis with an Archeologist Guide, Athens, Greece - Courtesy G. Gia

Indagare Tour: Acropolis with an Archeologist Guide

This three-hour tour of the Acropolis is led by a trained archeologist and includes a trip to the nearby Acropolis Museum. Indagare members can contact our bookings team to arrange a visit with an expert guide.

Indagare Tours: Behind the Scenes Greece

Indagare can connect you to an innovative tour company that opens windows throughout the country, offering a compelling mix of adventurous and insider tours. One of the most interesting in Athens is a recreation of an ancient Greek meal served in the historic Athens home of a Greek archaeologist; recipes were sourced from old literary sources and the tableware that is shown on site is borrowed from a local museum. Indagare members can contact our bookings team for assistance planning specialized tours.

Exterior View -Indagare Tours: Cape Sounion ,Athens, Greece - Courtesy Z Immelino

Indagare Tours: Cape Sounion

The best day-trip from Athens is a visit to Cape Sounoin, about an hour-and-a-half from the city. Along the way, stop at a idyllic lake to swim and grab a bite at a local fishing taverna. Time your arrival at the Temple of Poseidon (the defining landmark of Cape Sounion) so that you arrive just before sunset. It is a magical spot to watch the sun come down.

If you don't want to travel that far, another favorite twilight haunt is the café at the peak of Lycabettus, which you can arrive to either by hiking up a path that begins at Aristippou Street in Kolonaki or with the funicular that leaves from Ploutarchou and Aristippou Streets. Indagare members can contact the Bookings Team for assistance planning specialized experiences.

Exterior View - Indagare Tours: Experiencial Tours,Athens, Greece - Courtesy Mstyslav Chernov

Indagare Tours: Experiencial Tours

Indagare can connect members with a innovative new tour company that opens windows throughout the country and offers a compelling mix of adventurous and insider tours. One of the most interesting in Athens is a recreation of an ancient Greek meal served in the historic Athens home of a Greek archaeologist; recipes were sourced from old literary sources and the tableware that is shown on site is borrowed from a local museum. Members can contact the bookings team for assistance with planning specialized tours.

Sea View - Indagare Tours: Private Yacht Charter ,  Corfu, Greece

Indagare Tours: Private Yacht Charter

The best way to see the neighboring islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos, with their pristine beaches and quaint villages, is by private boat charter. It’s an arduous journey if done by ferry—three-and-a-half hours each way, half the time in rough waters. A private boat can cut the time in half. Indagare members can contact our Bookings Team to arrange a private charter.

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Kamari Open Air Cinema

Santorini is all about its spectacular caldera views, but this open-air cinema offers evening panoramas of a different kind. The fun, alfresco theater is tucked into a leafy enclosure on the southern part of the island, and plays a rotation of newly released movies, which air in English (with Greek subtitles).

Unknown image

Klima Village

A village that was once inhabited by fishermen of the island, Klima Village boasts colorful boathouses and restaurants to sit next to the sea.


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