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Courtesy of Sujan Sher Bagh

Ranthambore is one of the smallest but most well known tiger preserves in India. It is one of the best places in the world to see the endangered animals: of the 1,900 tigers in India, Ranthambore is home to roughly 60.

  • Perfect for
    Adventurers | Trailblazers
  • When to go
  • Ideal length of stay
    1-2 Nights
Indagare Founder and CEO Melissa Biggs Bradley
"While tigers are not the only wildlife to be seen in Ranthambore (leopards, sloth bears, hyenas and other species can be seen), there is no question that they are the highlight of a visit. The best way to increase your chances of seeing a tiger is to stay for at least two, preferably three nights, and to come in April or May."
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