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Old Delhi was the capital of Muslim India between the 17th through 19th centuries, and is a city filled with mosques, monuments and forts. New Delhi was created by the British as the capital of India. In 1911, Sir Edwin Lutyens, the most renowned English architect of the day, was chosen to design this new city. Lutyens’s creation incorporated architectural conceptions from the Mogul and Hindu sensibilities. Today, the fused metropolis forms the centerpoint of the world’s second-largest metropolitan area.

  • Perfect for
    Adventurers | Do Gooders | Art Lovers | Foodies | Soul Searchers
  • When to go
    December-February | March-May | September-November
  • Ideal length of stay
    1-2 Nights

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Indagare's Melissa Biggs Bradley
“To me, India’s real piercing beauty lies in the constant flowering of hope or moments of resilience that emerge in brutality and desperation. Taking a Salaam Baalak City Walk, led by a runaway who is on the road to a better life, is a way to experience the essence of India."
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