Siem Reap

Siem Reap, in the northwestern part of Cambodia, is mostly known for its Angkor Archaeological Park. In this one location, 150 square miles in size, are hundreds of monuments and, most famously, dozens of fortress-like temple compounds from 800 to 1400 AD.

  • Perfect for
    Families | Romantics | Intellectuals | Soul Searchers
  • When to go
    September-November | December-February | March-May
  • Ideal length of stay
    1-2 Nights

Designing Your Journey

Work with Indagare to design the perfect itinerary for an immersive journey. Our travel experts know the destination inside and out, and they can make recommendations based on your travel needs and prefere

  • Three Days: Essential Siem Reap- LP

    Three Days: Essential Siem Reap

    Experience the best of Siem Reap with an itinerary that includes guided touring, excursions and exclusive reservations. Here is just one example of what our destination experts can create for you.

    • Day 1: Angkor Wat

      Set out early in the morning to catch the sunrise over the towers of Angkor Wat. You will tour Angkor with your expert guide, who will explain the intricacies of Khmer art through the many statues, reliefs and vast galleries depicting the Hindu epic of Ramuyana. Afterwards, visit the Conservation d’Angkor, which houses thousands of statues and then head to the incredible Ta Prohm temple, where you will meet the lead archeologist.

    • Day 2: Shopping

      In the city of Siem Reap, visit the Psar Chaa (Old Market), a unique bazaar where you can peruse wood and stone carvings, silks, Buddha images and other hand-made Cambodian souvenirs. Afterwards, visit Artisans d’Angkor, an organization where local young people receive training in traditional arts. Here you can tour the workshops and silk farm and purchase authentic Cambodian housewares with a Cambodian art expert.

    • Day 3: Active Adventures and Performances

      In Siem Reap, Indagare can arrange boat excursions to floating villages, biking day trips or a helicopter tour, as well as spa treatments for those looking to relax. In the evening, Indagare can organize tickets for performances of the Landmine Survivors dance troupe or the Phare Circus, which is a captivating spectacle of Khmer music, dance and acrobatics.

Where To Stay

We only feature hotels that we can vouch for first-hand. At many of them, Indagare members receive special amenities, including upgrades, early check-in, breakfast, spa credits and more. Look for the Indagare Plus logo in the reviews.

Melissa Biggs Bradley
“Whether you approach the grandest of all monuments, Angkor Wat, at sunrise with no other tourists in sight or bike out to a remote rural area and hike into a hidden ruin, the extent of this lost civilization is just staggering.”
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Designer Eric Raisina
“I [feel] a lot of energy in Siem Reap, probably from the amazing temples.” Read the interview.

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