Episode 59 Travel Style & Design with Jonathan Adler

Potter, author, and renowned global designer Jonathan Adler joins Melissa to talk about travel style and design. Jonathan has created one of the leading design labels of our time through his colorful and modern American glamor patterns and designs. He left his day job in film to pursue his passion for pottery, and 10 years later opened his first store in SoHo. His namesake brand is now a leading global design company with stores in Chicago, New York and a new location in London. With humor, Jonathan shares his unexpected path to success with Melissa. He shares how following his love for pottery redirected his life with purpose, the inspiration behind the design of the iconic Parker Palm Springs in California, and later reveals who his favorite muse is. 

In this episode, Melissa and Jonathan explore the idea of re-inventing oneself, both stylistically and in one’s career. Jonathan also shares the story behind his work with Aid to Artisans and how he stumbled into love with Peruvian weaving. As Jonathan says, “modern, clean design with soulful craft is about the magic” and Jonathan delivers magic through charm and wit. He also shares his favorite places to travel, including an intense enthusiasm for everyone to experience Japan, and where he wants to go next. Melissa ends the episode by sharing Jonathan’s favorite favorite hotels with design in mind. 

Lightning Round with Jonathan:

  • What is your favorite morning ritual? “I read every newspaper on earth as I drink endless cups of tea. I’m a highly-caffeinated person.”
  • What is your favorite place for breakfast or a coffee in New York? “Sant Ambroeus is the perfect blend of jet-setters and warm, homey Milanese food and service. Their elephant ear cookies are responsible for every inch of my back fat.”
  • What is your favorite neighborhood to wander in New York? SoHo. “Throughout my career, whenever I had potter’s block, needed the perfect shirt, or sought inspiration, it was SoHo to the rescue.”
  • Favorite restaurant in New York? “Il Cantinori is chic, classique, and embodies New York.”
  • Favorite color? “Blue. It’s a wonder color—every shade of blue goes with every other shade of blue.”
  • An artist or designer that inspires you? “My holy trinity of design is David Hicks, Alexander Girard, and Bonnie Cashin.”
  • A design rule you never break? “Always buy a chandelier that is bigger than you think you need and more expensive than you think you can afford. Any time I’ve skimped on lighting I’ve lived to regret it.”

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