Episode 21 Travel Legends: Author Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux is one of America’s foremost travel writers, with over 65 titles to his name and counting. His career took off with The Great Railway Bazaar, an epic chronicle of his pan-Eurasian train journey and the people he met. In this week’s episode, learn about the impulse that catalyzed him to write this bestseller, which is widely regarded as one of the pinnacles of travel literature. Paul reflects on how travel transformed him into a serious writer, and how writing has shaped the way that he approaches travel. He and Melissa also bond over their shared love of collecting treasures and the rich insights gained by returning to a place you’ve already visited. 

Plus, don’t miss a special preview of Paul’s upcoming book and first historical novel, Burma Sahib.

Then, this week on travel hacks, learn about the new way to renew your passport online. 

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