Episode 10 Thanksgiving Mashup: Episode Highlights and How to Deal with Lost Luggage

This Thanksgiving, Melissa is taking a look back at some of the extraordinary guests she’s had on Passport to Everywhere since the show launched. First, she’ll transport you again to the foothills of America’s Smoky Mountains with Mary Celeste Beall, the owner of one of America’s most legendary resorts, Blackberry Farm. Then, she’ll speak with Jane Poynter, the founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective, a luxury human spaceflight company committed to changing people’s perception of Earth through a visceral experience in space. Jane was the very first guest on Passport to Everywhere, and in the episode we learned what a journey aboard spaceship Neptune will be like, the first luxury carbon-neutral balloon spaceship, when we might be able to take flight ourselves, and how Jane convinced Melissa to add space to her own bucket list!

Melissa also re-shares one of the hacks she finds most essential to getting through the holiday travel chaos: what to do if an airline loses your bag. We hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving episode mashup!

indagare venice courtesy indagare

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