Episode 34 Laudomia Pucci: On Florence, Art, Family & Fashion

Emilio Pucci is one of the most prolific fashion designers of Italy known for the colorful, boldly patterned designs of his namesake brand, Pucci. His designs were beloved by Jackie Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe (who was actually buried in one of his dresses)… to name just a few. This week on Passport to Everywhere, Melissa speaks with Laudomia Pucci, the daughter of Emilio, on fashion, art and family. Laudomia, who is a native of Florence, sits with Melissa at Pucci Palazzo— her family’s home—and shares insight into her deep-rooted history in the Renaissance city, as well as the life and story of her father. As Laudomia says, “I haven’t changed an address for 600 years,” her riveting passed-down stories include one about the Pucci family relationship with the Medici family who lived next door.

Laudomia became CEO of the Pucci brand at only 28, after her father passed away. In today’s episode, Laudomia provides an inside look at how fashion has evolved over the decades and how she worked to expand Pucci. After leaving the title CEO behind and selling Pucci to LVMH, Laudomia has focused her creativity on preserving and sharing the Pucci archives to honor her father’s legacy. Listen as Laudomia speaks about her early memories working fashion shows with her father, the making of Pucci designs and the evolution of the fashion industry; plus, she will share what she loves about travel and some of her favorite spots in Florence, including where to eat truffles.

And this week on travel hacks, Melissa dives into Indagare’s Florence recommendations, including where to shop, eat and stay.

Lightning Round Q&A with Laudomia:

  • Where do you go for inspiration in Florence? “Walking in the streets a little off the tourist path… I always discover a new angle, a new little shop or a view that surprises me… in this moment it is the area behind Santa Croce that I scout mostly.”
  • What’s your favorite trattoria you return to again and again and what do you order? “Camillo is probably my favorite.”
  • Where do you vacation in Italy? “In Tuscany, I love more and more the area around San Miniato that stretches to San Gimignano through the Via Francigena. Another place I love for vacation is north of Rome, Ronciglione in the Tuscia area… incredibly beautiful villages and Palazzi to visit, and the best food and lakes (Lago Di Vico) around the area.”
  • Who is your fashion inspiration? “My daughters Larissa and Zenaide..always the next generation.”
  • Favorite museum or gallery in Florence? “Museo del ’Opera del Duomo and il Bargello… but it’s really hard to choose..I would also add the Stibbert and Opificio delle Pietre Dure….”
  • What is one of your favorite places to shop? (can be in Florence or anywhere in the world) “Probably in Tokyo or Seoul.”

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