Episode 41 Hotel Legends: Fogo Island Inn with Zita Cobb

Zita Cobb, the extraordinary woman behind the captivating, yet somewhat undiscovered Fogo Island Inn, has impacted and inspired the tourism industry in a multitude of ways. As the founder and CEO of the Canadian foundation Shorefast, and the creator and innkeeper of the Fogo Island Inn, she’s harnessed the power of community in the sub-arctic to create something uniquely innovative. On today’s episode of Passport to Everywhere, Zita joins Melissa to share why Fogo Island Inn is a “place you can’t believe but always hoped existed”.

“Far away from far away”, Fogo Island is four times the size of Manhattan with ten different communities and seven seasons surrounded by wild, powerful geography and heart stopping views of the North Atlantic Ocean. Zita details her journey in creating Fogo Island Inn, what to expect when traveling to the island (including how it takes 3 days to fully arrive: first your body arrives, then your mind, then your soul), and herthoughts on the future of travel as AI continues to grow. And to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hotel, we’ve partnered with Fogo Island Inn to offer a 3-night stay for one lucky winner. Head to travel.indagare.com/fogo and enter for your chance to experience this remarkable place in person.

Lightning Round with Zita:

  • What’s an activity that every guest should try on the island? Hiking pretty much all year long, but especially in the fall when one can also pick the 27 types of berries found throughout the island.
  • Do you have a favorite season (of the 7!) on the island? Berry Season of course! My favourite berry is the partridgeberry, which is called lingonberry in other places that share a boreal climate.
  • What’s your favorite thing to order on the menu at the Fogo Island Inn? Cod of course, the most noble fish, any which way!
  • What’s your advice for those with big ideas hoping to have a positive impact? Always put community first. Big ideas, to have a positive impact, must benefit people and places. Start there.
  • Where to next? Any remote, wild places on your travel wish list? Hiking in the Hebrides in Scotland.

Tune in live: June 29, 2023 at 12 p.m. ET

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