Episode 28 Future of Travel: Saudi Arabia’s Rise with Jerry Inzerillo CEO Diriyah

Jerry Inzerillo is a world-renowned tourism visionary and the CEO of Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Gate Authority, one of the massive multi-billion dollar projects defining the future of the kingdom. Previously the Vice Chairman of Forbes Travel Guide and awarded the prestigious “Tourism for Peace” award, Jerry is a travel industry veteran who launched Atlantis in the Bahamas and Dubai, Sun City in South Africa and now he is working on one of the most ambitious projects of this century in Saudi. 

Diriyah, just outside the country’s capital city of Riyadh, is considered the birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is set to become one of the world’s top international destinations by 2030. At Diriyah, Jerry and his team are literally building a city from scratch. Diriyah, however, won’t be like a Doha or a Dubai, it will breathe more similar to a Siena or a Fez as authenticity and reviving cultural heritage are at the core of the project. This week on Passport to Everywhere, Melissa and Jerry discuss the rapid transformation of Saudi Arabia, the changes they’ve witnessed in only the last few years, and the drastic impact tourism is having on the country. Jerry gives an inside look at how history is being made in a destination shrouded in mystery, and his hopes and plans for the future of Diriyah. 

Plus, Melissa speaks with Indagare Productions Director, Kathryn Nathanson – who visited Saudi Arabia with her in the fall of 2022 – about the idea of traveling to the kingdom today. They’ll discuss their personal experiences in the country and provide important information and context to better help travelers understand Saudi Arabia.

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