Episode 24 Travel Legends: St Barth’s with Charlie Vere Nicoll

Charlie Vere Nicoll first visited St. Barth’s on his honeymoon 38 years ago. Now, he is the owner of Hotel Le Toiny, an elegant yet relaxed hillside getaway on the far southeastern end of the island. It is a favorite among today’s lovebirds and the last privately owned five-star hotel on St. Barth’s. Since taking it over eight years ago, Charlie has used his decades experience running hotels in the US, UK, and St. Barth’s to double the size of the all-villa resort and add a legendary beach club. He has also gained an intimate understanding of Saint Barth’s as the island’s first Anglican Vicar. 

As a former guest, hotelier, and spiritual leader on St. Barth’s, there’s no one better to introduce us to the island. Learn why he calls it “an extraordinary enigma of an island,” why he finds the island community refreshing, and his vision for Le Toiny. 

Plus, this week on travel hacks, Melissa tackles hotel tipping best-practices. 

Tune in live: March 2, 2023 at 12 p.m. ET

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