Episode 22 Know Before You Go: Antarctica

Our “Know Before You Go” episodes give you tangible takeaway advice for your travels, and this week we’re exploring one of the world’s most remote and extreme destinations: Antarctica. It’s a destination that fewer than 500,000 people have traveled to and one that is gaining in bucket list popularity by the day.  

Melissa returned from her first trip to the continent in November 2022 and shares her advice from her own expedition. You may be surprised to hear that Antarctica actually wasn’t initially at the top of Melissa’s travel wishlist, but it is a destination that blew her away. To further help you understand the full range of Antarctic travel options, she also sits down with Indagare COO Eliza Harris, Impact Director Colin Heinrich, and senior Indagare Trip Designers Lexi Polster and Caroline Hansen, who all scouted the continent for Indagare travelers. Tune in to hear about the various methods to get to the white continent, what it’s really like to cross the infamous Drake Passage (plus how to avoid it), what to pack and how this journey has shaped and impacted their travel perspectives. 

Tune in live: February 16, 2023 at 12 p.m. ET

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