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Episode 5 Future of Travel: Trends and What’s Next in Luxury Travel

This week on Passport to Everywhere, Melissa sits down with Shannon Knapp, President and CEO of Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), a collection of independent luxury hotels that includes Indagare Adored properties from the Ritz Paris, Le Sireneuse in Positano and Nayara Gardens in Costa Rica. The two industry leaders discuss how the travel industry has prevailed and innovated through lockdowns, current travel trends and predictions for the future of travel. They also talk about why independent hotels are such a special, vital part of the luxury travel ecosystem. Plus, Shannon shares some of the exciting, new properties joining LHW we should keep on our radar as we plan our future travels.

Don’t miss: Never start or end your trip on a sour note standing at baggage claim again. Melissa tells you how not to lose your bag at the airport. At the end of the episode, Melissa also kicks off the ‘Ask Melissa’ series where she’ll answer your travel questions.

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