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Episode 3 Hotel Legends: Blackberry Farm with Mary Celeste Beall

Melissa kicks off her ‘Legendary Hotels’ series with Mary Celeste Beall, the resilient and innovative leader behind Blackberry Farm and, more recently, Blackberry Mountain. These sprawling, serene properties in the foothills of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains are two of the most sought-after retreats in the country. Blackberry Farm became known for its culinary excellence thanks to Mary’s late husband, the chef Sam Beall. After his sudden death, she kept Sam’s legacy alive and brought the brand to new heights. She oversaw the 2019 opening of Blackberry Mountain—the Farm’s wellness and adventure-focused sister property—and is always organizing memorable moments on- and off-property for guests and staff. In this episode, Mary Celeste shares how she continued building her family business after her loss and the importance of community in running a legendary hotel.

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