The Top 10: Where to Find the Best Surfing in the World

Surfing requires balance, instinct and plenty of patience, not to mention a lot of practice. However, first-timers can have as much fun learning the basics as experts have mastering the waves, especially if the amenities on land are first class. Here, Indagare member and passionate surfing enthusiast Kathy Thomas rounds up the ten destinations that she says provides the best surfing in the world, and that not only cater to all levels of experience but also boast five-star luxury resorts. Contact Indagare for assistance planning a surfing trip. Our travel specialists can match you with the right destination based on your interests and ability. 

1. Punta Mita, Mexico

This beachfront village on the Pacific offers an array of surfing conditions and a luxurious home base in the Four Seasons Punta Mita, which offers instructors and lessons for both beginners and pros. The experience begins on a panga boat, which whisks guests to the top swells along the Nayarit shore.

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2. Nicaragua

The country’s relatively undeveloped coast, with its world-class surfing opportunities, is best for families with older kids or couples seeking unspoiled landscapes. Its top luxury resort, Mukul, features a long stretch of isolated beach with a large break, and offers wonderful instructors, board rentals and daily boat trips.

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3. Biarritz, France

5. Santa Barbara

– Indagare on June 5, 2017



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