Postcard: A Babymoon at Amanyara, Turks & Caicos 

Indagare travelers Josh and Katherine recently spent a few days at Amanyara in Turks & Caicos for their babymoon. Read below for highlights from their trip, including why they chose Amanyara in the first place, and what they loved about it.

Three Reasons We Chose Amanyara

Amanyara. Courtesy Indagare
Amanyara. Courtesy Indagare
  1. “It’s a direct flight from New York. Easy!”
  2. “It’s all about relaxation–the spa and private pool are perfect.”
  3. “The hotel is very accommodating for pregnancies, with many high touch gestures such as a pregnancy pillow, immediate awareness of food limitations (such as no raw foods), prenatal yoga classes, and caution in the spa treatments.”

Five Things We Loved About Amanyara

Amanyara. Courtesy Indagare
Josh and Katherine at Amanyara. Courtesy Indagare
Amanyara. Courtesy Indagare
  1. “It’s simply serene, secluded in nature. It’s really never crowded, so it feels perfect for a romantic getaway.”
  2. “The beautiful beaches that face southeast towards the sunset. The colors and light change by the hour and by the day.”
  3. “Many of the rooms have a private pool and ours became a highlight for us.”
  4. “The spa is to die for. We treated ourselves to massages and facials, plus yoga, breathwork and meditation classes.”
  5. “On property activities are a blast. We learned how to play pickleball (the fastest-growing sport in America) and had fun playing tennis and ping-pong. There are also movie nights each night in their theater.”

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– Indagare on May 30, 2023

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