Colin Heinrich, Indagare Impact

Associate Director of Global Impact
If Colin were to go all Freud on himself, he'd guess his love of travel comes from his Navy Brat upbringing—he's never lived in one place for longer than a year. As an adult, he craves the chaos of new surroundings and the surreality of distance. From long expeditions into Phong Nga Ke Bang National park in Vietnam, to marathon road trips in New Zealand and to midnight strolls through the corridors of Budapest, Colin believes getting lost is the best way to explore. He loves fusion cuisines, music festivals and that one place in Joshua Tree that looks like a Salvador Dalí painting when the sun sets just right. Before he started working at Indagare, Colin spent three years working around the world as a freelance writer and editor, and brings that love of language and travel to the team. He also wonders why he wrote his own biography in third person. Cultural norms, he supposes.

Most memorable travel experience:
While hiking through the Filipino Cordillera between Banaue and Batad, I was caught in a monsoon for four hours. With water rushing over the trail and poor visibility, I clutched to the vines to avoid being swept down the path. By the time I reached Batad (barefoot, having lost my shoes in the mud), it was nearly sunset, and as I rounded the corner, the clouds split to reveal a giant orange sky with a rainbow cradling the valley. It was beautiful, and after everything it took to get there, that moment became magic. The water destroyed my camera, so my memory is all I have.

Travel Wish List:
Madagascar, Iceland and Antarctica are a priority. I’d like to do the Mongol Rally or the Baikal Lake Ice Run someday. And, if I’m being optimistic… Outer Space?

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