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10 Transformative Trips: In Our Members' Words

For 10 years, our community of travelers has explored the globe on exciting, immersive journeys, then shared their findings with us in Member Postcards. Here, we round up some favorite memories.

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Unforgettable Laos and Myanmar

When we asked [a 106-year-old village elder] for his secret to longevity, he said it was a combination of not drinking alcohol, eating meat only a couple times a week, going to bed early and rising early and, most importantly, 'keeping a quiet heart.'Read the entire postcard.

Exploring Chile

Imagine five-star travel combined with an adult Outward Bound–type experience. You feel as though you’ve really accomplished something, yet you’re also being pampered.Read the entire postcard.

Magnificent Namibia

Flying low over the Skeleton Coast, I marveled at the sight of shipwrecks half a mile inland. I couldn’t help but imagine the thoughts of those who ran aground, only to encounter a beach melding with a seemingly endless desert.Read the entire postcard.

A Romantic Escape in South Africa: City and Safari

After repeatedly getting up quite early for safari, what heaven it was to relax poolside on our private deck, while watching baby elephants and their mothers take drinks from the river.Read the entire postcard.

Visiting the Cambodian Children’s Fund

"Our visits to Rio’s favelas and India’s streets could not prepare us for the emotions surging through us as we navigated through mud and piles of garbage only to again be surrounded by curious children, gracious adults and familiar faces from earlier in the day." Read the entire postcard. 

In Awe of Iceland

The softness of the moss that forms in pillows on thousands of years of lava flow formations, the volcano craters where you feel like you might fall off the edge with one more step and the fun of driving through the remote, untouristed landscape are all incredible.Read the entire postcard.

A Summer Getaway to France and Spain

"We loved the flamenco show at Corral de la Moriera and my son thought it was one of the most memorable parts of the trip.  Ten Con Ten is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to and I could literally eat there every day." Read the entire postcard.

Wild About Clayoquot

"We spent an afternoon fishing, where we tested our skill (and luck) at catching salmon, sea bass and halibut. The catches were prepared for dinner for us that night, making the always-delicious cuisine even more special! Extra fish was packed, frozen and shipped home to us." Read the entire postcard.

Exploring Finland and Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

It wasn’t just looking at touristy sites; it was learning about history, culture, design and food. It was a true education.Read the entire postcard.

A Journey to Japan

"In Kyoto, we had tea with a maiko (a geisha in training). Our ceremony lasted an hour and the maiko made us tea and performed songs and dances. The kids were fascinated and eagerly asked her questions about her life and her training." Read the entire postcard.

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Contact Indagare for assistance in planning a trip to any of the following destinations. Our specialists can plan a customized itinerary with expert guides and special access.

Published onOctober 20, 2017

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