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For 10 years, our community of passionate, sophisticated travelers has explored the globe on exciting, immersive journeys. Here, a handful of members share some of their greatest memories.

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"Indagare instinctually knows our likes and dislikes, that time is precious and how to make things as seamless as possible.” ~ Michael Kors, member since 2008

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"Our ‘Out our 40’s’ birthday celebration in Botswana was one of those trips of a lifetime. Not only were the landscapes and animals amazing, but the connections that we made with the people at each camp are what really made the trip so special. We traveled with four families, which included eight teenagers in total. Not having any WiFi or cell service was great because it allowed us all to just live completely and utterly in the moment. We were able to take in each sight, smell, taste, sound and experience and savor it. This was by far the most memorable trip for us, and Botswana is a place we hope to return to in the future.” ~ Kim Dempster, member since 2010

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"Our family’s trip to India was ambitious in its agenda; we visited Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Agra over a two-week span. India has a population of over 1 billion, so it was crucial to pad our itinerary with down time to process everything we were seeing, and that’s where Indagare’s guidance was most valuable. My husband and I worked with Indagare to come up with activities that would pique everyone’s unique interests, as we were traveling with our four adult daughters. Some favorite experiences included getting henna tattoos, making block-printed fabrics and having saris custom-made (which we then wore to a special dinner!). Equally memorable are the lengthy drives we embarked on to traverse the massive country; cows are sacred in India, so they roam freely and obstruct traffic at their pleasing. It was an adrenaline rush to dodge animals, tuk-tuks and busses overflowing with people, and we were certainly thankful to have a skilled driver and guide!” ~ Carroll Pierce, member since 2007

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"The Indagare team helped me plan a trip perfectly tailored to my interests and tastes, with exquisite hotels and a series of delicious cooking classes that allowed me to experience the rich culinary cultures of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand in depth.” ~ Robert Tod Chubrich, member since 2016

"We used Indagare to help us plan a trip to St. Barth’s to cele-brate our 20th wedding anniversary. The island was already one of our favorite places, but having Indagare manage the arrangements made it truly special. One of the touches we won’t soon forget is having a framed family picture waiting on our bedside table when we arrived at our hillside bungalow! It was an amazing getaway.” ~ Ryann Pegler, member since 2015

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"Our family loved everything about our Indagare-planned trip to South Africa. The safari was amazing (seeing African wild dog puppies was a highlight!) and Cape Town was lovely. Indagare arranged for a tour guide to take us on a day trip out of Cape Town to see the Cape of Good Hope and penguins. When the guide discovered that my daughter was obsessed with ostriches, he made a detour to an ostrich farm so she could feed the animals!” ~ Karen Belanger, member since 2015

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"The Madrid itinerary set by my Indagare team was a perfect match for our first visit to the city. World-renowned art museums paired with exceptional culinary experiences put Madrid on our ‘must repeat’ list!” ~ John Rowland, member since 2011

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"The Indagare team helped us arrange an amazing vacation along the California coast. One of the many highlights was the San Ysidro Ranch. It is sublime. Thank you, Indagare, for the unfailing expertise and creativity in planning our trip. Indagare brings vacationing to a whole new level of pleasure!” ~ Fran Barnes, member since 2015

"We had such an amazing trip to China and want to thank Indagare for making it so special for us. From the hotels to all the special experiences, the trip gave us so many great memories.” ~ R.M., member since 2016

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"From hiking glaciers to exploring a volcano, our adventure to Iceland (with two teenagers) was an exciting, exhilarating and perfectly executed trip. Thank you, Indagare!” ~ Leslie G., member since 2013

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Contact Indagare for assistance in planning a trip to any of the following destinations. Our specialists can plan a customized itinerary with expert guides and special access.

Published onDecember 7, 2017

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