Behind The London Debut of Mirazur Chef Mauro Colagreco

Chef Mauro Colagreco, the culinary mastermind behind three Michelin-starred Mirazur in the French Riviera, is poised to make his mark on the London culinary scene this October. Foodies had best brace themselves, as he will be helming not one but three dining experiences based in the much anticipated Raffles London at The OWO (the historic Old War Office that once housed British leaders like Winston Churchill).

Colagreco’s London creations will include a brasserie (with a twist, of course), a fine dining restaurant and a chef’s table experience, all of which will stay true to the culinary philosophies employed at Mirazur. “Every restaurant is a new experience,” he says. “Only the energy of nature remains, as each menu is inspired by the local terroir and biodiversity.”

Below, he shares what diners can expect from his chef’s table experience, how the city will impact his menus, the steps he takes to ensure sustainability and his restaurant finds in London—plus, what his surprise favorite ingredient is.

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What is bringing you to London and to Raffles London at The OWO?

London is a city that I particularly like because of its cosmopolitan life, its culinary diversity and the products we can find in the United Kingdom. When I had the opportunity to work with a notable partner such as Raffles Hotels & Resorts, in an incredible and historical location like the Old War Office, I could not refuse.

Have you shifted your approach to the menus or the restaurant experience to reflect their British setting?

While the ethos of the menus will take inspiration from Mirazur (my restaurant in Menton, France), the overall experience at Raffles London at The OWO will be completely unique. At the heart of my cuisine is nature, and I adapt myself to the surrounding environment, adopting local traditions and working with local producers and products. I didn’t shift the approach to the menu, I shifted the locality of the menu. The menu will also change throughout the year to reflect the seasons.

How does your Italian-Argentinian heritage come through in your menu creation? Will this be reflected in the brasserie, restaurant and chef’s table experiences?

My Italian-Argentinian heritage is part of who I am and reflects a part of my history. I draw inspiration from this heritage by using specific techniques and know-hows, however, my cooking knows no borders—it's inspired by the world and adapted to a particular area. My travels have taught me so many valuable lessons, as well as introduced me to new techniques and produce.

What can you tell us about the upcoming chef’s table experience?

The chef’s table experience will be an intimate and exclusive experience. The ambition is to be even more interactive and stimulating, offering a few extra surprises to the guests with some of our chef friends coming to cook with us.

You’ve demonstrated a respect for the cycle of nature in your cuisine and a commitment to sourcing locally. How will your new restaurants reflect that?

I am always excited about the idea of working with quality products, and discovering a new location has allowed us to meet producers in tune with our philosophy. We have spent a lot of time meeting with independent fishermen and farmers using sustainable practices. Not only will the gastronomic theme reflect our love of nature, but it will showcase our commitment to it by working with products and producers that share the same vision.

Have you come across any favorite local restaurants in London during your time there?

I think it's fair to say that London's gastronomic scene is super energetic and dynamic! In general, I like to discover casual restaurants. On my last trip, I discovered the restaurant Kiln, which was casual Thai food cooked over a wood fire and full of flavor. Of course, there are also big names in gastronomy that I love, like my friend Claude Bosi—I’ve had an extraordinary meal at his restaurant, Claude Bosi at Bibendum. I look forward to my next visits in London to experiment with other restaurants in town!

Lightning Round

Surprise favorite ingredient?

Flowers! Usually, we don’t suspect how tasty they are and only stop at their visual aspect.

Favorite thing to cook when you’re alone? Fresh vegetables directly picked from my garden.

Up-and-coming restaurants and chefs to watch? All the chefs that are cooking along their commitment. Not only do they have a surprising cuisine, but they also represent the future generation of chefs.

Raffles London at the OWO is expected to open early October 2023.

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Published onJuly 27, 2023

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