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8 Hiking and Adventure Insider Journeys to Book Now

This summer and fall, we're bringing the curation and connection of our Insider Journeys to the great outdoors. From hiking in the Italian Dolomites and Chilean Patagonia to glacier-trekking in Antarctica (with a conservation focus) and discovering ancient cultures amid untamed landscapes in Bhutan and Mongolia, these itineraries are sure to satisfy your inner explorer. If you're craving wide-open spaces, awe-inspiring natural phenomena, untouched terrain and the visceral thrill of being out in the wild (without sacrificing the creature comforts of some truly excellent hotels), peruse the highlights below and find the trip (or two) for you!

Our Insider Journeys Team has been consulting with our expert guides and partners in diverse locations to create a program of exciting small-group itineraries for 2021 and beyond that are safe and inspiring. Now, some elements look different on the ground—but the Insider experience remains the same: discovery and entrée, with our hosts providing unmatched expertise and access in their home locales. Our journeys celebrate the beauty of connecting with one another while exploring the world, of finding shared passions and making time to take them in together—as we re-envision the future of travel.

Discover the Galápagos

The islands of the Galápagos have fascinated nature lovers and adventurers ever since their pristine ecosystems inspired Charles Darwin to publish On the Origin of Species, in 1859. This inaugural Indagare x Penta Journey has been carefully created with an eye toward promoting conservation awareness and traveling in a sustainable manner. In the company of esteemed naturalists and expert guides, you can experience an idyllic wildlife escape that can be found nowhere else on earth, while exploring the highlights of these remote islands aboard a private charter of the M/Y Grace, the most historic and luxurious boat in the archipelago (its illustrious history includes participation in the evacuation of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk, France in World War II, as well as hosting the honeymoon getaway of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco). Learn more and join now.

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Expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro

The world’s tallest freestanding mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro lures adventurers, thrill-seekers and climbers to Tanzania to summit its peak. A physically and mentally challenging excursion, the trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where each step can lead to a new discovery, and the journey is as inspiring as the destination. In the words of Indagare’s Diana Li, who scouted out this itinerary in 2019 and successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro: “I discovered more about myself than my surroundings. I had time to listen and be fully present. I focused on achieving a single goal with a community that taught me oneness and perseverance.” On this special group trip, you can achieve your travel and fitness goals—with a team of experts that have your back (on the way up, and down!). Learn more and join now.

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Hiking in Chilean Patagonia

Few destinations are as dramatic as Chile: here, salt flats meet snow-capped mountains, and glacial rivers give way to sandy beaches and vast plains. Blissfully undeveloped and known as the eighth natural wonder of the world, Torres del Paine National Park will provide the backdrop for this hiking-focused journey—where you can test your limits on some of the most incredible hiking trails in the world, all while enjoying the luxuries of one of our favorite adventure lodges, Explora Patagonia. In addition to exploring with local naturalists and mountaineers, you can experience horseback riding, glacier trekking, kayaking and more. Learn more and join now.

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Hiking in the Dolomites

Located in San Cassiano and close to Cortina, the wonderful Rosa Alpina resort offers access to hundreds of miles of trails in the majestic Italian Dolomites, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. With breathtaking views of the picturesque countryside, emerald-green meadows, waterfalls and jagged mountain peaks, you can explore untouched natural sites on daily hikes led by expert local guides on this journey. Active mornings will be followed by delicious, well-deserved meals at the best restaurants in the area and free time to enjoy the luxuries of Rosa Alpina—including massages, spa treatments and the opportunity to participate in cooking and yoga classes. Learn more and join now.

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Antarctica Awaits

Travel to the ends of the earth to explore the White Continent and discover the majesty of this icy frontier on an unforgettable adventure through sea and snow in the company of biologists, glaciologists and environmentalists who know just how special—and vulnerable—Antarctica truly is. With Indagare Founder and CEO Melissa Biggs Bradley, you'll sail aboard the brand-new Quark Expeditions Ultramarine, a state-of-the-art polar-travel vessel (equipped with two twin-engine helicopters), with an itinerary crafted with an eye towards sustainability and conservation education. Learn more and join now.

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Wild Mongolia

Mongolia is the world’s least densely populated country, wedged between Siberia and northern China. It is one of the last remaining places on earth where the silence and emptiness of the landscapes around you truly fill your soul. Still, Mongolia’s 3.2 million people proudly keep their ancient history and rich cultural traditions alive—and protect its unique natural treasures, from the oldest national park on the planet and deserts where paleontologists continue to unearth dinosaur bones, to the extremely rare Bactrian camel. On this journey, venture with Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley into the wilds of the steppes and dunes for an intimate, unforgettable discovery of a world that transcends time. Learn more and join now.

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Magic of Bhutan

Considered the last Buddhist Kingdom, Bhutan sits at the foot of the Himalayas and has remained isolated from the modern world for centuries. It is home to one of the world’s most fascinating cultures (it claims to be the happiest country on earth) and beautiful landscapes that are truly pristine (it is the only country that is carbon-negative). You can explore this captivating place with daily hikes through rural towns and lush forests, as you make your way to the legendary Tiger’s Nest and relax at incredible Six Senses lodges. Along the way, discover ancient monasteries and rustic farmhouses, where you will be welcomed for meals, meditations and more. Learn more and join now.

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Elephants of Botswana

The ultimate destination for a picture-perfect safari, Botswana is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife-viewing in Africa—and few times are better to visit than the dry season, which draws an exceptional number of animals to the remaining waterholes and creates some of the best chances to see elephants, who have a greater need to stay hydrated. On this once-in-a-lifetime journey, you can join safari legend Colin Bell—co-founder of Wilderness Safaris and author of The Last Elephants—for thrilling drives through the bush and activities that support elephant-conservation programs. After six nights in Botswana, end the trip with two nights on safari in Namibia for one last adventure. Learn more and join now.

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The health and safety of our travelers is our top priority. We are committed to upholding the highest safety standards, while providing world-class hospitality and a seamless travel experience. For more information about what Indagare and our partners are doing to make your travels as safe as possible, as well as current entry/exit requirements for featured destinations, contact our team at or consult the Indagare Guide to Travel During Covid.

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