Seven to Know: Australia


boasts a bounty of treasures, from great beaches and diving and unique wildlife to dynamic cities, a rich culture and history and excellent restaurants. But because its attractions are spread out over the country’s huge expanse and regional weather patterns vary greatly, planning a trip there can be tricky. Here are seven things to consider before you decide to go.

1.  Australia is big, so give yourself enough time to explore it fully…

With sites scattered over an area only marginally smaller than that of the continental United States, traveling from one to the other often requires a combination of driving and flying and usually takes a full day. Be sure to take this into account when calculating how long to spend in each location.

 2.  …especially since it has so much to offer.

Part of what makes Australia such an incredible destination is its spectacular diversity. Every location has its own soul and offers a totally distinct experience: You can be swimming among blizzards of colorful fish through the Great Barrier Reef one day and gazing over the Antarctic Ocean as it crashes into the sheer cliffs of Tasmania’s rocky coastline the next. With so much to see and do, give yourself time to explore and really get to know the places you visit. We recommend a minimum of at least three to four nights at each lodge or city.

3.  Aussies are laid-back, and so is the service.

Australians are some of the most easygoing and friendly people you will ever encounter, which is why so many visitors fall in love with the country. Keep in mind, however, that this relaxed attitude is reflected in the service offered. This is not to say that the service is bad — everyone is warm, attentive and willing to help. But it is often a bit slower than you might be used to.

4.  It's expensive.

The Australian dollar has fallen markedly against the U.S. currency in recent years, making the country more affordable for American visitors. But it’s still pricier than many other destinations, largely because of its strict import and export laws and high minimum wage. The good news is that the luxury market is growing rapidly. A few years ago, visitors were paying five-star prices for four-star experiences and accommodations. Today, prices and quality are better matched.

5.  The cities are beautiful.

In a country where nearly 90 percent of the population lives in an urban center, it is no surprise that the metropolises are flourishing. And they should be a major part of every itinerary. Each has alluring attractions: Sydney, a beautiful harbor, pristine beaches and iconic landmarks; Melbourne, charming, graffiti-covered walls and cozy cafés; Hobart, world-class galleries and fascinating historical sites.

6.  Weather varies considerably by region as well as season.

The continent extends across six climate zones, including tropical in the north, desert in the middle and temperate in the south. Each zone has its own high and low seasons. The Great Barrier Reef should be avoided during the Australian summer (December through March), but this is the best time to tour the southern regions, such as Tasmania and cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Be sure to speak with your Indagare travel specialist to ensure that you are visiting each location at the right time of year.

7.  Traveling with younger children requires special planning.

With miles of open land to explore, unique wildlife to view and a long list of activities and sites to experience, Australia is a paradise for kids. Many of the lodges, however, have strict age minimums. Indagare can help you plan around these and recommend alternative accommodation options to help you craft the perfect getaway for your entire family.


Contact Indagare for assistance planning a trip to Australia. Our specialists can book you at the hotel that is right for you and plan guided tours, great meals and activities.

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