Going Behind-the-Scenes in Egypt

Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley recently traveled to Egypt during an Insider Journey. Here are some of her and the participants’s photos from the trip, as well as some remembrances of some of the highlights. Learn more about our upcoming Indagare Journeys to Egypt in OctoberNovember and December—or speak to a travel specialist to plan your own trip.

"Have you ever dreamed of having Disney World to yourself with no lines? That’s what Egypt feels like right now, but even better. We had the opportunity to see the greatest historical and architectural sites in the world in an intimate setting. Our guides translated 4,000-year-old hieroglyphics and led us into royal tombs, where we were surrounded by painted walls that display the sophistication, artistic sensibility and wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. Finally, we had the opportunity to cruise the Nile, practically alone, and take in the same view that has captivated tourists since Alexander the Great. As an added bonus, we were with fellow travelers who shared our passion for this unique journey." ~Indagare member Lee Stettner

"The Egypt trip was my first with Indagare and it will not be my last! We had access to the most knowledgeable guides and archeologists in all of Egypt. Standing two feet in front of the majestic Sphinx with the former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs was an overwhelming experience. The most pleasant surprise was that we were able to meet and get to know our fellow travelers and therefore were able to share the experience with new friends. It was just perfect and I am certain any other trip will pale in comparison." ~Indagare member Carol Weiss Pouchol

"No amount of photographs of the tombs and temples in ancient Egypt can prepare you for the grandeur of these magnificent monuments in their natural settings. Having the opportunity to visit the Rehabilitation Labs at the soon-to-open Grand Egyptian Museum, to walk among the treasures removed from King Tut’s tomb and hear from the incredible team of artisans, craftsmen and historians who are bringing them back to life was a rare privilege." ~Indagare member Wendy McCain

"Every single detail of the trip was amazing, from being greeted at the airport with flowers and the hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings to the amazing guides and wonderful travel companions, who are now good friends. I can’t wait for my next trip with Indagare." ~Indagare member Kiki Keating

"Egypt is who we are and where we came from. Its history—while hard to grasp–is fascinating, but it was the Egyptians we met that really made our experience so special. Plus, I was lucky enough to be traveling with my daughter! Now is the the time to go to Egypt, before the tourists return in full force." ~Indagare member Susan Lehman

"Our trip to Egypt exceeded our lofty expectations. The opportunity to experience legendary ancient sites with an engaged group of travelers was marvelous. In addition, we learned about modern Egypt from expert Egyptologists and local citizens. The perfectly executed logistics and incredible food were spectacular surprises, and added even more joy to the whole experience." Indagare member Joe Ojile

“Our trip to Egypt was our first with Indagare but certainly not our last. The attention to detail was so incredible that we had nothing to do but enjoy the trip! A five-star trip if there ever was one.” ~Indagare member Stewart G. McMillan

For help planning your next Egypt trip, contact our Bookings Team.

Published onDecember 4, 2018

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