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Aman Junkie Diaries: The Indagare Community Tells All

With 34 properties across 20 countries, Aman Resorts is a veteran of the luxury travel world. And just as Star Trek has Trekkers and Taylor Swift has Swifties, Aman Resorts has its own brand of superfans dubbed “Aman Junkies.” We’ve called on some of the Indagare community’s own Aman Junkies (and Aman Junkies-in-training) for their firsthand experiences at some of our favorite iterations of this renowned brand, from the deserts of Utah to the mountains of Bhutan.

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Aman in East and Southeast Asia

Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

“I think the term ‘high touch’ must have been invented at this property. I could write paragraphs about the gorgeous landscapes, impeccably designed rooms and ample amenities, but the service is particularly noteworthy. Is it normal to walk into your room upon arrival and hear your favorite song? For the original Aman, it is! Not only that, but I got a daily arrangement of my favorite flowers and fruit.” —Meg Coy, Trip Designer

Amantaka, Laos “I teared up leaving Amantaka as the whole staff came outside to wave goodbye to us. My husband and I will never forget cruising down the Mekong in their custom local boat and being surprised with a custom offering for us to give at our visit to the sacred Budha Caves. The property is stunning and peaceful, and their dinner setups with live music are incredibly romantic.”—Sarah Minges, Associate Director of Industry Partnerships

Aman Tokyo, Tokyo “Just steps out of the elevator into the Aman Tokyo lobby, you are transported to a sky-high retreat up above the bustling metropolitan city. The minimalist yet guest-centric design combined with the staff's incredible care for all of those who stay makes for a beyond special experience.” —Rose Allen, Senior Director of African Safari

Amanfayun, Hangzhou, ChinaAmanfayun, outside the Chinese lake city of Hangzhou, is a memorable example of blending into a destination while also preserving its culture and history. Tucked into 35 acres of tea plantations, it was built on the foundations of an ancient Chinese village, whose original layout was kept intact. Its main path is one of the main pilgrimage routes to a Buddhist temple, and Aman opted to keep it open for worshippers and villagers, allowing for an organic interaction between visitors and locals. The vibe is serene, even a little monastic, as well as deeply atmospheric—think individual villa accommodations with a plethora of wood; three traditional bathhouses; and restaurants helmed by local chefs. At night, the cobblestone paths are framed by lanterns, and the tall bamboos whisper secrets at one another in the darkening sky.” —Simone Girner, Brand Content & Creative Consultant

Amanjiwo, Indonesia “One of my all-time favorite hotel suite setups is at Amanjiwo. There are two separate bedroom pavilions overlooking rice paddies that are separated by one of the most epic private pools. People come to Amanjiwo to experience Borabador, but leave with an even deeper understanding of the island of Java, the surrounding Menorah Hills and the incredible spirituality.” —Sarah Minges, Associate Director of Industry Partnerships

Aman in South Asia

Amankora Collection, Bhutan

“My stay at Amankora Paro tied in beautifully to my last few nights in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Between the serene forest that one walks through to enter the property and the quiet nature of the staff, grounds and understated structures, it felt like Amankora accurately absorbed the meaning of Buddhism and translated it into the ethos of this property. From Amankora Paro, we were able to reach the start of the famed Tiger’s Nest early in the morning before any other tourists arrived (pro tip: begin the hike at dawn to enjoy the breathtaking hike and monastery all to yourself) and spent the remainder of our day in Aman’s top-notch spa. The Bhutanese hot-stone bath is a must.” —Charlotte Clayson, Trip Designer

Amankora Bumthang is a haven from which to explore the lesser traveled Bhumtang valley. I loved discovering the ancient temples and monasteries in the valley and then returning to the lodge, which sits across from the royal palace-turned-working monastery, to watch local monastic life unfold before me.” —Sasha Feldman, Senior Director of Bookings

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Aman-i-Khas, Rathambore, IndiaAman-i-Khas in Ranthambore is where luxury, serenity and remarkable tiger sightings converge. From the opulent tents that blend seamlessly with nature to the thrilling safaris guided by experienced rangers, this sanctuary provides an extraordinary setting to witness the beauty of Ranthambore's tigers. My encounter with a magnificent tiger during my stay exemplified what awaits guests at Aman-i-Khas—an experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart.” —Caroline Hansen, Trip Designer

Amanbagh, Rajasthan “Rajasthan is broadly known as the palatial capital of India, a kaleidoscope of color and an epicenter for artisan craft. Two hours outside of Jaipur’s intoxicating grasp lies Amanbagh, a rural refuge and a retreat that allows the senses to rest. This remote farmer’s village is known for marble craft, and the property’s suites—designed to emphasize tranquility—are made entirely of the stone. Those seeking authentic, rural India can take a cow dust tour at dusk, experience a local Hindu temple as the only foreigner and visit marble workshops or 15th century Hindu temples.” —Elise Bronzo, VP of Sales

Aman in Europe

Amanzoe, Greece

Amanzoe is an absolute dream of a property that invites you to slow down and maintains a sense of serenity during the busy summer months on the Greek islands. Days are spent leisurely swimming at the beach club, indulging in the spa or venturing to the nearby islands" —Steffi Fitzpatrick, Trip Designer

Snapshot from the midst of a trip: “Nothing could have prepared us for this place—unbelievable! We had an amazing time riding horse, on our sunset boat cruise in Santorini, at the Amanzoe spa and the beach club! So excited for the farm and final boat day before heading back to reality.” —Kim Kirtley, Indagare Member

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Aman in The United States & The Caribbean

Amangiri, Utah

“The Indagare secret for Amangiri is this: Do yourself a favor and arrive at night. You'll find yourself somehow gloriously disoriented and removed from the hustle and bustle of regular life; the quiet is palpable. When you wake up the next morning, it's like waking on another planet entirely—extra large picture-frame windows that frame red rock expanses; their signature pool custom-built around a natural rock formation; an attentive staff and ultra-thoughtful curation of food, art, wellness and adventure. A favorite of both celebs and quiet wealth alike, you never know who you might run into. Amangiri is a must for Aman junkies and Indagare clients.” —Michael Barattini, Associate Director of Operations

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Amangani, Wyoming “There's such a wow-factor to the first steps you take when entering Amangani. The view of the Grand Tetons from the great room is pretty remarkable; in fact, sitting on your balcony with a cup of coffee taking in the views could be an activity in and of itself. That said, a trip to Jackson is all about getting outside and enjoying the nature and activities at your fingertips, and the guides at Amangani are some of the best. When I was there in May (2023), which is technically shoulder season, we were kept busy and entertained horseback riding, hiking and grizzly searching in one of the most beautiful settings in the U.S.” —Kial Church, Associate Director of Sales Development

Aman New York “Stepping inside Aman New York feels like entering a safe haven from the 5th Avenue crowds. As residences and a hotel which doubles as a private club, it’s seldom crowded, making it the perfect refuge for relaxation in the spa, indoor pool, gym or delicious restaurants. I’ve loved the flexibility of working in the private club space there during the day and inviting in guests for meetings or meals. Members or guests could easily spend entire days there—they often hold events and evening ‘soirees,’ and after dinner, you can enjoy an underground Jazz club to end the night.” — Josh, an Indagare member

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Amanyara, Turks & Caicos “I stayed at Amanyara on a visit to Turks & Caicos last December. Our glass pavilion was so private, peaceful and luxurious—sequestered in a discreet, subtle way. We biked to meals and activities—at the gorgeous atrium, pool and the beach every day and felt like we were truly on a break from the world—if only for a few days. Our meals were delicious and the General Manager and his team made us feel so well looked after. On our last day, a staffer we had enjoyed getting to know casually took a photo of us. When we checked out, she gave the framed photo to us a present. It was such a thoughtful reminder of a happy time.” —Jen Barr, Senior Content & Brand Strategy Director

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Aman in Africa

Amanjena, Marrakech

“I can’t imagine a much better example of a “soft-landing” into Marrakech than Amanjena. As soon as you enter the building, you are serenaded by calming music as you walk down the long open-air hallway to the reflection garden. There waits a Moroccan man who will have you sit down and enjoy a traditional mint tea. All of this is in place of a traditional front desk and check-in process. Walking through the grounds and accommodations induces this feeling of pure bliss that allows you to recharge and prepare to tackle the city’s bustling medina.” —Sam Doran, Trip Designer

Aman Everywhere

“From my first Aman 35 years ago to today, the brand has continued to define a unique experience for the weary traveler, with locations that thrill and a level of service unparalleled in global hospitality. With experience at over 25 Aman locations around the world, I am always enthralled to see their next frontier.” —Indagare Member

Contact Indagare or your Trip Designer to start planning your next trip to an Aman resort. Our team can match you with the destinations, itineraries, reservations and guides that are right for you.

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