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Travel Trailblazers: Princess Mabel van Oranje on VOW for Girls

Before Princess Mabel van Oranje was a royal, a prominent human rights activist and serial entrepreneur for social change, she grew up in a typical Dutch Family. In fact, it was her father, whom she lost far too young, who inspired the activist in her with his stories of far flung destinations and the challenges certain communities face. On this week’s episode, Mabel talks about the path that led her to founding VOW for Girls; the organization, borne from a friend’s wedding, strives to build a world with no child marriage. She and Melissa also discuss some of the most transformative travel experiences she’s had through her work with VOW. In keeping with the theme of the episode, Melissa discusses Indagare’s impact strategy, and how luxury travel affords so many opportunities to give back during this week’s Indagare Insight.

Bianca's Rooftop

Summer Spotlight: Capri Dining

Southern Italy’s most tantalizing island is home to some iconic places to eat. See a few of our favorite spots for lunch, dinner or drinks this summer in Capri.

rustic pergola with lounge chairs; a stylish woman in beige clothes; a table for two by a window with blue and beige curtains

The Insider’s Guide to Mallorca (and Mallorca Fashion) with Cortana Founder Rosa Esteva

Rosa Esteva, founder of clothing line Cortana, shares her guide to Mallorca, including her favorite restaurants and activities.

blue chairs at a wooden bar

Top Tables: Chicago’s Best Restaurants

Indagare’s favorite hot spot restaurants change all the time, but there are also some staples in Chicago that never go out of style.

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Exploring the Golden Age of Travel with Author Francisca Matteoli

Award-winning travel writer Francisca Matteoli has authored over a dozen books and collaborated with the likes of National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveller, and Louis Vuitton, but what is now a fulfilling and celebrated career was once just a passion. Francisca was raised in a family of travelers –– in fact, her grandfather once had the bill for an entire year at the Hôtel du Louvre waived because he was such a cherished guest –– and, she’s been collecting and telling stories for her entire life. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear about her unique childhood, as well as her time traveling with her husband to areas beset with conflict and instability, like Rwanda immediately after its 1994 genocide. Listen to her speak about how she infuses the spirit of a place into her work, like her latest book, Copacabana Palace: Where Rio Starts, as well as tease what she has on the docket for her next project. And in this week’s Indagare Insight, Melissa shares some of her favorite house museums and gardens, as well as an exciting new change coming to air travel.

Lightning Round with Francisca Matteoli

  • Must-see destination on a road trip across America? So difficult to choose just one; Here are some of my most beautiful memories: Carmel by the Sea, Big Sur, the Beverly Hills and bungalows hotel in Los Angeles because it’s unique and iconic. Santa Fe during the Native art market. New-York City of course, The Adirondacks, Saranac Lake, Montana the land of writers and nature writing, Wyoming in a dude ranch, Chicago and Frank Lloyd wright’s home and studio...
  • Favorite activity at the Copacabana Palace? A caïpirinha by the pool
  • Favorite activity at the Hôtel Du Louvre? The hotel has changed so much since I lived there. I’d say, order a glass of vin blanc at the café of the hotel and watch the Parisians go about their daily lives ...
  • A book you think everyone should read? The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. A wonderful book.
  • Most impactful story you’ve published? When I was writing for National Geographic and returned to my country, Chile, after many years abroad to write about the place where I lived before coming to France. And when I wrote about my husband’s humanity association "Association Chirurgie Plus" and his work as a surgeon in countries in war or in difficulty.
Cafe Charlot, in Paris

Paris Revisited

Like every beautiful cliché, Paris has always run the risk of becoming a caricature of itself...

Canoe Place in Hampton Bays, New York

East Coast Vacations: Easy Summer Escapes from Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekend

Indagare lists the best East Coast vacations for an easy, east coast summer escape or long weekend away, with our top hotels.

restaurant interior with tiled floors, greenery and a gold chandelier

Paris’s Restaurant Branchés

Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley selects 20 of her favorite “restaurants branchés,” those iconic, only-in-Paris spots where the people-watching is as inspired as the backdrop.

A dish at Galanga, at Monsieur George in Paris

Insider Q&A: Paris' Nicolas Saltiel

Insider interview with hotelier Nicolas Saltiel

close up of plate of cooked food covered with greens on a restaurant menu

NOLA Dining Now: The Big Easy’s Big Moment

Writer Jen Murphy breaks down the latest restaurant news from New Orleans.

view of the Seine

The Shortlist: Paris Spring/Summer 2024

On a recent trip to Paris in pre-Olympics thrall, Indagare’s Simone Girner revisited some favorites and made new discoveries.

Etereo aerial view

A Taste of Riviera Maya: Etéreo's Signature Taco Recipe

For your next summer soirée, get the Etéreo Auberge Resort's signature taco recipe here.

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Hotel Legends: Pellicano Hotels with Marie-Louise and Roberto Sciò

Father-daughter duo Roberto and Marie-Louise Scio of the Pellicano Group sit down with Melissa to discuss the legacy and the future of their triumvirate of three iconic Italian hotels: Il Pellicano, Mezzatorre and La Posta Vecchia. The episode is full of Italian storytelling at its finest as Roberto recounts memories from his first overnight and his early days as a guest of Hotel Il Pellicano, through to his decision to purchase the hotel and to expand the collection. Marie-Louise explains how she fell very naturally into the role of Creative Director –and now CEO–merely by “making the walls talk” at Pellicano. In recognizing and preserving the property’s rich history throughout the process of bringing it up to date, she also expanded the brand into the lifestyle site ISSIMO, a digital extension of the hotel group. And for this week’s Indagare Insight, Melissa highlights some of her favorite collaborations featured on ISSIMO’s site now.

Lightning Round with Marie-Louise Sciò:

  • Favorite spot at Il Pellicano? The stairs going down to the beach
  • Up and coming Italian designer on your radar? Margherita Missoni’s Maccapani line
  • Favorite in-person shop for Italian-made items? Loretta Caponi
  • Underrated destination in Italy? Abruzzo and Molise
  • Current favorite item on ISSIMO? ISSIMO X Lido Love Is Love swimsuit
  • Favorite Italian saying that doesn't translate properly to English? “piano piano anche le uova camminano” (slowly slowly even eggs walk)
  • Favorite restaurant in Rome? Da Cesare al Pellegrino
pool built into rocky cliff next to mediterranean with trees on left and sea on right

Best Hotels on the French Riviera

Our top picks to help you find the right place under the dazzling Riviera sun.

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Helsinki Insider: Tips from Katriina Moksi, General Manager of Hotel Maria

For a summer getaway without the crowds (or sweltering temperatures), Helsinki, Finland is a top choice. Get the insider’s take from local Katriina Moksi, the general manager of the Hotel Maria, Helsinki’s newest luxury hotel. Located in the historic Kruununhaka district, it has restaurants by Noma alum Ville Rainio, a state-of-the-art spa and a boutique showcasing Finnish designers. See her recommendations here.

gundari greece beach view

Summer in the Mediterranean: Hotel News & More

From the sparkling shores of the Cyclades to the flower-covered fields of the Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean’s most beautiful destinations are preparing to welcome another sun-filled season with new hotels and more. Senior Editor Elizabeth Harvey reports on what to know and where to go.

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The World Made Local with Condé Nast Traveller's Global Editorial Director Divia Thani

In this week’s episode, Divia Thani, Global Editorial Director of Condé Nast Traveller, speaks with Melissa about how she found herself in what many would call their dream job. From growing up in former Bombay with a single, working mother during a time when such a thing was very uncommon, to attending university in the States, spending time in New York and returning to India only to fall deeply in love with her home-country again, Divia’s journey has been a winding one. Listen in not only to hear her story, but also to understand her vision for CNT and how - through the highly regarded publication - she strives to elevate local voices, perspectives and stories. Plus, don’t miss her recommendations for Mumbai and Goa, the latter of which she thinks is one of the most exciting cities for food right now. At the end of the episode, Melissa highlights summer in the Mediterranean, including some of Indagare’s top restaurant and shopping recommendations as well as favorite new hotel openings across the region.

Lightning Round with Divia Thani:

  • Favorite travel writer? Pico Iyer. Only he can write a travel book about the beauty of going nowhere.
  • A book you think everyone should read? Read a book by a writer from the country you're travelling to next! If you're coming to India, read Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie or A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry.
  • Underrated travel destination you think everyone should visit? Bucharest.
  • Favorite restaurants in Goa? Before the wave of amazing restaurants in Goa came about--Bomra's, Edible Archives, Black Sheep Bistro, Jamun--there was the for-locals only, no-frills, family-run Vinayak's, where you still get the most authentic and delicious fish thali. Kingfish coated in semolina and fried, crab masala, crispy, golden prawns, curry and rice, vegetables cooked with dry coconut... everything tastes like it would in your fantasy Goa holiday home.
  • Favorite restaurants in Mumbai? O Pedro, Trishna, Masque, The Bombay Canteen, Tanjore Tiffin, Peshawar.
  • A must-try Indian dish? Biryani! Depending on where you are in the country, it'll taste different but this one-pot fragrant, delicate dish--meat, rice and spices--slow cooked for many hours is irresistible.
  • Favorite place for lunch in London? Din Tai Fung! The legendary Taiwanese soup dumplings and bright greens are a perfect lunch when it's cold and grey outside (which it is very often in London!)
cat in a paris hotel sitting on fancy chair

Announcing: Palaces de France Partners with Indagare Travel

Announcing our partnership with Atout France, République Française and Palaces de France to showcase 31 Palace Hotels across a print, digital and video series.

a team of safari lodge staff wearing red shirts and khaki pants waves goodbye

Safari Tipping Guide

Everything to know about tipping on safari, including how much, when, and whether you need cash.

group standing in front of the sphinx

Just Back: Egypt Eternal: Ancient Treasures & New Wonders

Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley reports on her recent visit to Egypt while hosting an Insider Journey.

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Pico Iyer on Japan and Changing Perspectives

When he was just 26, Pico Iyer, the prolific British-born travel writer, essayist, and novelist decided to move to Japan after a fortuitous layover changed the trajectory of his life. He has written 15 books that have been translated into 23 languages, and his Ted talk on The Art of Stillness has received more than three and half million views. On this week’s episode, he sits down with Melissa to discuss everything from globalization and his time traveling to Iran, Myanmar and other countries undergoing change or else plagued by political unrest as well as his time with the Dalai Lama, his recent book The Half Known Life: Finding Paradise in a Divided World and of course, everybody’s favorite destination these days, Japan. And on this week’s Indagare Insight, Melissa provides tips for planning your own trip to Japan.

woman in red dress and hat smiling next to man in white dress and white hat smiling

Melissa's Picks: Favorite Books, Shows, Podcasts & Travel Products from Egypt

Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley shares favorite books, shows, podcasts and products to bring on the road, from her recent adventures in Egypt and beyond.

safari tent with bed on left and sunset viewed through window in canvas wall on right

Tented Dreams: The African Safari Tented Camp Experience

Discover the differences between African safari tented camps with Indagare's resident Safari expert Rose Taylor.

rainbow rising above the east african plains with grassy area in foreground and blue sky on left and light rainstorm on right

Transformative Tanzania

Indagare's Annie Fitzsimmons shares highlights from her transformative trip to Tanzania—including the cuisine, lodges and why returning home from a safari can be difficult.

woman with red hair sitting on floor surrounded by colorful abstract paintings arranged on floor and stacked by wall

My Mallorca: Artist Natasha Zupan’s Insider Guide

Artist Natasha Zupan—who first came to the island as a toddler in 1967— shares the best spots to shop, where to get in touch with nature and more.

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Travel Trailblazers: The Bucket List Family

Garrett and Jessica Gee of The Bucket List Family have traveled to over 90 countries with their kids, all three of whom are under 10 years old. Through exciting video storytelling, they’ve amassed quite a following and even have their own production company, The Bucket List Studios. But before their family of travel journalists became such a hit, Garrett and Jessica were just two young parents exploring the world on a budget with their easy-going children in tow. Tune in to learn about how what they originally intended as a family video-log transformed into The Bucket List brand, get details on Jessica’s newly-released book, National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel: Share the World With Your Kids on 50 Adventures of a Lifetime, and hear what’s next for The Bucket List Studios. Plus, the Gees and Melissa discuss some of their favorite destinations and tips for traveling with children.

Lightning Round with Garrett and Jessica Gee:

  • 3 things you can’t travel without (for family travel)? Healthy snacks, a camera and a positive attitude - sounds cheesy, but it's TRUE!
  • Favorite place for adventure travel with your children? So many to choose from! One of our favorites is Costa Rica. Lots of good food, kind people, the jungle, the beach and surf!
  • Family motto when travel doesn’t go as planned? "YOU CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE."
  • A destination that surprised you most? Rwanda. It's in my top 3 countries and the experience changed my life.
  • What's one thing you learned from traveling with kids that you wish you knew before? That you don't need to pack your whole household. Families, children and babies are all over the world and you can get things on the road.
  • 3 of your favorite family friendly hotels? Soneva Fushi, Maldives. Gleneagles, Scotland. And Disney's Beach Club at WDW.
scenic of Mallorca beach

Island Design: An Insider’s Guide to Mallorca with Oro del Negro

Oro del Negro, a founding partner and the design director at Moredesign, shares his Mallorca favorites.


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