Bermuda Now: Where to Stay, Eat & Shop on the Island

“Ber-muuu-da is a-nother world…” croons the singer. I can hear the melodious sounds of Calypso playing in my mind even now. Though I was only a small child, I vividly recall the first time my parents returned from a week-long trip to the island and played that song from the album by the Bermuda Strollers for my brothers and me. For my mother, who loved music of all kinds, it channeled the pink sands and aquamarine waters and the generosity and warmth of a place that was a welcome escape from the tail end of a long New England winter. The Bermuda of my early childhood was that album, along with pooka shell beads; my grandmother’s soft tangerine, fuschia pink, and lime green cashmere sweaters from Trimingham’s, with the slanted script logo and giant gold buttons; “Bermuda bags,” with a monogram cover that buttoned on and wooden handles that clapped shut; and my father’s yellow Bermuda shorts.

I have been to Bermuda numerous times since then, but on a recent trip, there were signs that a new generation of entrepreneurs and the new head of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Kevin Dallas, who grew up there, are committed to furthering the island’s reputation and putting their own spin on it for the next one. Spurred in part by the America’s Cup in Bermuda in 2017, this latest development seems aimed at ensuring that Bermuda retains the best of its old-school history and identity while recognizing the next generation’s style and taste.

– Jen Barr on January 18, 2019

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