Back to Global Conversations 2.01: Melissa Biggs Bradley, Indagare Founder and CEO

As a new year (and season 2!) begin, Melissa and members of the Indagare team sit down to talk Covid travel safety and testing tips, the best private and remote options, safaris, Bucket List trips, the destinations they (and our community) can’t wait to get back to, and much more!

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Welcome to Season 2 of Indagare Global Conversations. Last season, we spoke with guests from all over the world; We traveled from India, to Paris, to the Napa Valley, the Maldives, and so many other places in between. We talked with our guests about how travel has impacted their lives and permeated into their dreams, careers, and families. And this season we’re going to do more of the same. You’ll hear from brand new guests on new and familiar topics like design, food and wine, adventure, art, and of course… travel. 

But before we dive deep into more juicy conversations this season, we wanted to give our listeners a little glimpse into how we’re thinking about traveling as we move into 2021, and as vaccine promises reignite dreams of travel, and hope for lifted lockdowns and border reopenings.

In this episode, I’m sitting down with three of my colleagues and staffers, Sasha, Lexi, and Lizzie, who are some of the best-of-the-best trip-designers in the industry, and we’re going to talk about trends they’re seeing, what destinations they’re running to as soon as it’s safe, and how we think travel has changed for the better.

*We should note here that we understand that many people do not believe that we should be traveling right now. At Indagare, we DO believe that people should travel for a myriad of reasons, but we expect our members and travelers to do so responsibly, intelligently, and safely. Keep an eye out here on our website for a new article coming out about how exactly we think this is possible, and how you can consider traveling as the world begins to come back to life. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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