India Hicks

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India Hicks—designer, entrepreneur and goddaughter of Prince Charles—talks with Melissa Biggs Bradley from the Bahamas and opens up about island life (and parenting) during lockdown, starting—and losing—her beloved business, why travel matters and more.

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Melissa’s first conversation in our series is with India Hicks, who she caught up with, in Harbour Island in the Bahamas, which she’s called home for more than two decades. If you don’t already know India, you may have first glimpsed her as a flower girl in Princess Diana’s wedding. Prince Charles is actually her godfather. Her grandfather was Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India, and her father was the legendary designer, David Hicks. So, travel and design are part of her aristocratic lineage, but she has definitely blazed her own trail.

Melissa met India on her first trip to Harbour Island, where she went to write a story for the launch issue of Town & Country Travel magazine. India, who’s modelled for Ralph Lauren, became the cover girl and she also became a friend. In this global conversation, she shares parenting anxieties, opens up about founding and losing a beloved business, and she tells stories of her far-flung travels. Just wait until you hear about the favorite memento that she smuggled back from Africa.

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