Charlotte Moss

Back to Global Conversations 1.20: Charlotte Moss, Decorator, Author, & Philanthropist

Our design series continues with Renaissance woman and interior designer extraordinaire Charlotte Moss, who talks with Melissa Biggs Bradley about cultivating your own aesthetic, how Southern hospitality and travel have influenced her, why the place she’d rather be right now is the Serengeti. Plus: the French Gardens trip she’s hosting with us next year and much more.

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Melissa’s friend, the designer, Charlotte Moss, is an inspiration, both in how she approaches her work and the way she lives her life. Pick a topic that relates to living well, creating beautiful spaces, appreciating beautiful things, entertaining with style and soul, or wearing great designs, and Charlotte knows something, if not almost everything about it. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of architecture, interiors, gardens, fabrics, antiques, jewelry, photography, and art, and she’s always generous about sharing her finds and favorite resources.

She has published 10 books on some of these topics, and she’s been in the design business for 35 years. She’s decorated amazing homes around the world, created a collection of caftans and tunics, and her most recent fashion creations are gorgeous ikat mules. So, you can get yourself a pair. Considering how many projects Charlotte has at all times, I’m thrilled that she spent some time with me to share her thoughts on design, travel, and shopping, plus her newest collaboration and the role of philanthropy in a well-lived life.

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