Aubri McCarter, Bookings Team

Travel Operations Assistant
Aubri’s first time traveling abroad was on a solo trip to the U.K, planned and funded entirely by herself. A college freshman, she had never been on vacation alone (certainly not out of the country) and the success of this trip sparked a desire and confidence to explore more of the world. A summer spent interning at a travel content company in London allowed Aubri to visit other European cities, like Stockholm and Vienna. But much of her childhood was spent in Florida, so beachside destinations own her heart. She embarks on a trip to the Cornish coastline each summer, driving down from London and spending a week on the sand.

A road trip enthusiast, Aubri recently traveled across the U.S. in a minivan, staying at places ranging from C’mon Inn in Bozeman to Wynn Las Vegas. The trip took a month to complete and left her with unforgettable experiences: Arizona’s dry heat, swimming in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, witnessing the natural beauty of Montana and buying a two-gallon bag of sweet tea in Dallas. Aubri's background in film and creative writing translates to her love of sharing stories and experiences, the best of which she believes come from unique travels across the globe. Aubri is eager to use her role with Indagare as an opportunity to help others create and embark on their own inspiring adventures.

Bucket List: Iceland, Greece, Maldives and Tanzania

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