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New Year's Travel Resolutions: The Where, Why and Who With of The Indagare Team's 2023 Travels

A new year of travel has dawned, and the world is wide open (finally!). With so much new ground to cover and old favorites to revisit, Indagare staff members kicked off the year with resolutions to help direct their 2023 travels. In addition to visiting dream destinations (and hotels), members of our staff will be pursuing impact opportunities, educational enrichment and travel with the people they love most. Read on for all of our 2023 travel resolutions—we hope they inspire yours!

Inspired by one of our New Year’s travel resolutions? Contact our team for assistance planning a trip in 2023. Our specialists can match you with the destinations and hotels that are right for you, plan great meals and activities, introduce you to our favorite guides and arrange for special access.

Ticking Off Dream Hotels and Hitting the Railroad “My New Year’s Travel Resolutions are all about experiencing Dream Hotels where hospitality is like a fine art form. In 2023, I'm hoping to make it to a handful of Indagare Index Adored Properties. At the top of my list, I have Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Cabo, Eden Rock and Cheval Blanc in St. Barths, and Singita Kwitonda in Rwanda. One of my favorite travel experiences of 2022 was on board Belmond's Venice-Simplon Orient Express, so I'm also inspired to try more rail adventures in 2023 like the British Pullman or Royal Scotsman.” Note: The 2023 Indagare Index will hit member’s mailboxes this spring!

Sarah Minges, Indagare’s Industry Partnership Manager

Reach New Heights 

"I'm planning to reach new heights this year by hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and finally visiting the Himalayas." Lexi Polster, Indagare Trip Designer

Toddler Travel “I'm going to travel more with my toddler! It's hard, there's a lot more planning involved, our pace is slower and we don't accomplish as much as we'd like...but in the end it's so worth it. He makes me slow down and appreciate the little things, like the birds singing in a tree or a flower on the sidewalk. Watching him visit the beach for the first time this past year was definitely a core memory. Can't wait to show him more.”

Lauren Walston, Indagare Travel Operations Assistant

Fil­­­ling the Home with Local Artisan-crafted Travel Treasures

“I’m in the midst of decorating my apartment and my “travel-related” goal for 2023 is to choose pieces that support independent artisans. Although it’s tempting to resort to the convenience of mass retailers and online shopping, I want to curate meaningful pieces that not only remind me of my travels but help preserve these artists’ craftsmanship. I can’t think of a better way to fill my home with inspiration, joy and good energy." — Emily Kamin, Indagare HR Generalist

Check out Indagare’s Holiday Gift Guide for some of our favorite artisans, ideas for where to buy local abroad and the local organizations we love to support!

Breaking New Ground–Continents, Specifically "This year, I’m hoping to break out of my continental rut. North America has no shortage of natural wonders and Europe is a treasure trove of culture and adventure…but I’ve done a lot of that. Last year, I caught a glimpse (limited though it may have been) of South America, and I hope to continue my continental expansion to Africa, Asia and, well, more of South America—Oceania might be a bit of a stretch for this year, but I’m not ruling it out! My second travel resolution is to make time for travel with my family. Possible adventures on the docket include skiing in Canada with my cousin, venturing to Colombia with my brother and visiting extended family in Belgium with my parents. Plus, at the very end of 2023, my family and I will at long last be embarking on an epic adventure (our first since the pandemic) to Egypt and Tanzania—so at least I know I’ll tick off one new continent!"

Abby Sandman, Indagare Editorial Assistant

Embracing Serendipity

"My 2023 travel goal is to be a more thoughtful and serendipitous traveler. On every trip I take this year: I will get read one book by an author before I go, peruse a local newspaper and reserve at least one day for wandering and trying local recommendations." — Karina Atkins, Indagare Production Assistant

Curbing the Travel-Mania and Lingering Longer  “Last year my resolution was to say "yes" to trips whenever possible. That was great, and led to many amazing memories, but it was also a little too much "yes." This year, I'm resolving to be slightly more measured in my travels, and to linger longer when I go places. On my wish-list for 2023: more wildlife, more stargazing and more quiet moments (at home and abroad).”

Peter Schlesinger, Indagare’s Associate Director of Digital Content

Saying “Yes”

"Stealing Peter’s previous resolution, my 2023 travel resolution is to say “yes” to as many trips as possible! I left the United States for the very first time last year, and my entire life blossomed and bloomed in ways I never knew were possible. Everywhere I go, I find new pieces of my heart and sparks of inspiration that ignite my soul. Next year I want to continue stitching together the tapestry of “me” through the parts of myself I discover while traveling!" — Ruby Gibbs, Indagare Travel Operations Assistant

Prioritizing Family Travel and Diving Deep on Safari "I'm going to travel more with my family! We are doing a trip to New Zealand in March. I also want to expand my safari destination knowledge. My 2023 goal is to go to at least four countries I have never been to before."

Eliza Harris, Indagare’s Chief Operations Officer

Breaking Away From Europe and Pacing My Travels

"This year I would love to break out of my comfort zone. I love Europe immensely—and feel so grateful to have been able to visit places I consider my homes away from home multiple times a year. However, before the pandemic, I had dreams and plans for Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East that I feel I’ve let slip in favor of the comforts and convenience of Europe. I want to challenge myself to put in that extra planning leg-work and experience cities that are completely foreign to me. I am passionate about immersing myself in different cultures and learning how other people live—their rituals, traditions and cuisine—as well as exploring new landscapes and architecture. Another goal of mine is to leave space for travel with friends and family. I have a special place in my heart for solo travel, but I think I sometimes miss out on opportunities to share the experience with people I love. And lastly, I hope that my love of “slow travel” serves as a reminder that I don’t need to rush to try to go everywhere and see everything in just one year." — Sydney Lapin, Indagare Content Coordinator 

More Solo Travel and a Longer Stint in Paris—Oh La La! "My goal this year is to really lean into solo travel! It's always made me a little apprehensive, but I've been encouraged lately to step out of my comfort zone and put on my explorer hat. All my brief experiences with solo travel have yielded immense rewards: independence, sense of adventure, meeting new people, channeling my courage. Specifically, I want to spend a couple of weeks living in Paris on my own—eating at local cafes and getting lost in the atmosphere. It's always been on my bucket list; 2023, here we come!"

Kathryn Boswell, Indagare Travel Operations Assistant

Educational Enrichment, Supporting My Passions and Answering the Call of Brazil

"I have four travel resolutions for 2023:

  1. Explore Gullah Geechee culture in the Low Country and the fight for racial equality in the United States. I recently moved to Charleston and am eager to visit the International African American Museum (opening late January) and explore the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor to understand this rich, thriving culture that has influenced the US. I read Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson (by recommendation from an Indagare member!) and am inspired to visit Selma, Alabama as a part of this travel curriculum.
  2. I am a proponent of revisiting destinations, and I can't wait to get back to Mexico City in February for the Indagare x Architectural Digest trip to Mexico City, because CDMX is one of the most exciting design centers in the world right now. I always leave full of ideas, with an extra bag and with a full belly.
  3. Brazil beckons, Pantanal and Inhotim in particular. A journey that is equal parts lush landscape, design and wildlife
  4. An organization I am passionate about, 32 Degrees East, is celebrating the grand opening of their contemporary arts center in Kampala in March, and I am going to do my best to be there. To learn about 32 Degrees East and to donate, check their site:"

Elise Bronzo, Indagare’s VP of Sales

Travel More, Travel Farther!

"My new year’s travel resolution is simple: travel more—again! For 2023, plans include a return to Edinburgh (where I spent a year during college) to visit my son, who is now studying there. I’m looking forward to seeing the city through his eyes and climbing Arthur’s Seat as a family. I’m also planning a return to Paris with my daughters and possibly Florence and southern Italy (cue the White Lotus theme song). Last year, I ran out of time for a far-flung solo trip to Bali, and it’s still on my list, but I would also love to get to Africa—especially Egypt—to see the new GEM museum, or South Africa with a close friend who grew up there."

Jen Barr, Indagare’s Senior Content + Brand Strategy Director

Kenya Dreaming

"My goal this year is to scout a new safari destination—one that I have yet to experience! I have my sights set on Kenya, a country that I have dreamed of visiting for many years. Hopefully 2023 is the year where I make that trip happen!"

Rose Allen, Indagare’s Senior Director of Travel Product, African Safari

It's "Sweet Paris" for Me

"My travel resolution is to get to an ultimate Indagare favorite—Paris!" — Ali Malecka, Indagare Membership Associate

Slow Down, Dive Deeper and Break a Sweat “This year, my travel resolutions are focused on deepening some of the passions and interests I uncovered in 2022. I believe I’m not alone in feeling like the year flew by—so in 2023, I’m excited to slow down and focus, to go further in some of the discoveries I made in the past year. Last January, I had the opportunity to scout in Saudi Arabia—my first trip to the Middle East—and, with all its complexities, I was fascinated by the culture, history and landscapes I found there. I hope to be able to explore more of that region this year. In 2022, I also realized that my favorite trips combine outdoor adventure—especially hiking and skiing—with culture, art and cuisine. Last year I spent time feasting, learning and breaking a sweat—amid spectacular vistas—in Santa Fe, Kitzbuhel, the Catskills and the Great Smokey Mountains, and I hope to explore more of these types of rich destinations in the coming year, especially places that are just a bit off the beaten path.”

— Elizabeth Harvey, Indagare's Branded Content Manager

Making the Most of Family Travel Time

"My goal this year is to travel as much as possible with my two children, who currently have the same school break schedule (next year they won't). Lots to celebrate in the McCarthy household in 2023: four "big" birthdays (16, 18 and not telling), 20th anniversary and mother's 80th! Hoping to keep some simple in the U.S. (sun and ski) and go somewhere in Europe we have yet to go (maybe Puglia?). I've always wanted to go on safari, but sadly not this year. Happy traveling to everyone. Stay healthy and safe. Best wishes for a magical 2023!" — Wendy McCarthy, Indagare Membership Associate

Inspired by one of our New Year’s travel resolutions? Contact our team for assistance planning a trip in 2023. Our specialists can match you with the destinations and hotels that are right for you, plan great meals and activities, introduce you to our favorite guides and arrange for special access.

Published onJanuary 6, 2023

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