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Just Back From: Highlights from Our 2022 Insider Journeys

As we look forward to a new year, we’re also looking back on the highlights of 2022: our most exciting and rewarding adventures around the world and the travel experiences that meant the most to you. For our Insider Journeys community, 2022 was a year brimming with exploration and connection, from inaugural trips to Saudi Arabia and Slovenia and an epic first-time voyage to Antarctica focused on promoting sustainable travel, to revisiting incredible destinations like Tangier, Mexico City, Mongolia, Jordan and Paris—as well as returning collections with beloved partners and friends, including Vogue and the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. With over 500 open-hearted, curious trailblazers joining us for over 30 trips to 15 different countries, across six continents (here's looking at you, Australia!), we can officially say that group travel is back.

It was a record-breaking year, with our most popular trips being: 1. A hiking- and food-focused trip to the Italian Dolomites, based at the incredible Rosa Alpina mountain resort; 2. Our annual spa, meditation and spirituality retreat to Miraval in Tucson, Arizona with Omega Institute founder and coach Elizabeth Lesser; 3. A culinary exploration of Modena, Italy with Chef Massimo Bottura; 4. Behind-the-scenes studies of fashion, craftsmanship and contemporary culture in Paris and Milan with Vogue; and 5. A wellness-themed retreat to the incomparable Blackberry Farm in Tennessee with Wall Street Journal contributing editor Fiorella Valdesolo. We’ve recapped these and some of our other favorite trips from the year below, with photos and testimonials from the intrepid travelers who went on them. And to our guests and readers: Thank you for being a part of the journey this year. Because we believe that how you travel matters—and that includes who you travel with.

Curious about small-group travel? It’s not too late to join one of our adventures for 2023. Click here to learn more about the Insider Journeys program from Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley, and explore our upcoming calendar of trips here—with many more coming soon! Have a question? Talk to our team by emailing

Blackberry Farm Escape with WSJ. Magazine | April 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Immerse yourself in Blackberry Farm’s world-class culinary program, with dinners based on seasonal and foraged ingredients, as well as activities like an artisanal cooking demo and a farmstead tasting tour, specially hosted by renowned, Nashville-based chef Sean Brock. (You may recognize him from the sixth season of Netflix’s Chef’s Table.)
  • Attend wellness lectures produced by WSJ. Magazine that focus on plant-based medicine, skin care as self-care, sleep health and finding balance, among other topics.
  • Meet inspiring owner Mary Celeste Beall, whose family envisioned and created Blackberry Farm, and who will give you a behind-the-scenes tour of this special property.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"Nice trip with many interesting people with similar interests. The farm is a special place!""Great food, great wine, great people.""We had a beautiful extended weekend of fun and wellness with our new friends at Blackberry Farm. I think all was well planned.""I thoroughly enjoyed myself and meeting so many new friends.""Incredible venue and accommodations. I loved my cottage and use of the golf cart. The food was amazing and the activities and lectures were very good, and no pressure to attend. The ideal vacation.""It was enchanting, from the rooms, to the meals, to the farm—and to the guests and to the WSJ team and BBF staff."Read the Indagare reviews of Blackberry Farm and sister property Blackberry Mountain.Related: Legendary Hotels: Blackberry Farm with Mary Celeste Beall (Passport to Everywhere Podcast Episode 3) 

Masterpieces of the Loire Valley with Page Knox | April 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • With expert-guided tours led by art historian Page Knox and horticultural expert Amy Kupec Larue, have privileged entrance into the region’s most impressive châteaux, gardens and estates, including: Château de Cheverny (a showcase for French decorative arts and furnishings), Château de Chenonceau (the most-visited private château in France), Château du Clos Lucé (a 15th-century castle where Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked for the last years of his life), Château de Chambord (the most monumental of the Loire Valley castles) and Domaine du Champs de Bataille (which was restored to its full glory by famed designer Jacques Garcia). Access will include tours before these sites open to the publicmeetings with estates’ owners and curatorsprivate meals and more.
  • Explore Giverny, the former home and great muse of Claude Monet. You will have the chance to explore his house and gardens, which inspired the celebrated Water Lilies series, among many other great works.
  • Soak in the beauty, elegance and joie de vivre of the French countryside while staying at two gorgeous luxury hotelsLes Sources de Cheverny (a pastoral estate envisioned by Alice and Jerome Tourbier, with a spa by Caudalie) and Domaine de Primard (a historic property in Normandy that was formerly the home of actress Catherine Deneuve).
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"Page Knox is an incredible host, lecturer and storyteller. It was a magnificent experience to walk in the footsteps of the kings, queens and mistresses of France with her.""Page is encyclopedic in her knowledge of French art & history. A dynamic duo with [your expert horticulture guide] Amy Kupec Larue.""Paige and Amy were fantastic. I loved and was impressed by their knowledge, passion and personalities. They made the trip exceptional!""The trip exceeded our expectations in almost every way. Amy and Page were a dream team, the accommodations were wonderful, and the itinerary proved full and interesting."Discover our 2023 trip to Spain with Page Knox here.Related: Page Knox: An Art Lover’s Guide to Spain

Inside Tangier: Private Houses & Gardens | May 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Spend time with legendary Italian horticulturist and writer Umberto Pasti in his villa, which contains an extensive collection of North African textiles and objects, as well as at his celebrated garden Rohuna, located in the countryside outside the city. With one of the greatest collections of botanical species in Africa, Rohuna has been recognized as a masterpiece of sustainable horticulture.
  • Meet interior designer Frank de Biasi for dinner in the gorgeous riad he restored in the medina, which has been featured in international design publications.
  • Enjoy special guided shopping experiences at Tangier’s top boutiques, which showcase contemporary Moroccan fashions and housewares, as well as in favorite galleries in the souk to discover antique textiles, carpets, ceramics and jewelry.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"I enjoyed going from house party to house party and the generosity of our hosts. Each owner (with their kitchen staff) really showed their personalities. It was an insightful experience that was so fun.""It was a wonderful experience. Amazing homes, beautiful interior design, gracious hosts—very inspiring.""It was a perfect blend of history, culture, shopping, dining and relationship-building.""Your local guide was THE BEST liaison working in Tangier. She was so helpful and on it. She was knowledgeable, and we all loved seeing the weavers and the textile market. She was indispensable.""I thoroughly enjoyed the exclusive opportunities provided by this itinerary. And the majority exceeded my expectations."Discover our 2023 trip to Tangier with Architectural Digest here.

Discover Slovenia | May 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Explore the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, a lovable city that is one of the hippest and greenest in Europe (reminiscent of Prague, with lively bars, cafes and art galleries—without the crowds).
  • Experience Slovenia’s many natural treasures—from the aquamarine Lake Bled and otherworldly, UNESCO-protected Škocjan Caves in the Karst region to the astoundingly beautiful Soča Valley—and traverse emerald green forests and glacial lakes on hikes through the Julian Alps.
  • Savor the hidden-gem Brda wine region, which produces some of the world’s best orange and biodynamic wines, among other varietals, with intimate vineyard tours. Along the way, hike, forage, cook and taste with two of Slovenia’s most important culinary figures: Ana Roš (2017’s World’s Best Female Chef) and zero-waste pioneer Bine Volcic.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"I did not know anyone who had traveled to Slovenia, so we did not know what to expect. It was like we were in a “fairytale...'""One simply could not have a bad time in Slovenia, especially with our outstanding guides. Love them both. Seriously. The best.""You put on another great trip. I am so happy I joined you. It was excellent all around, and I loved having a small, intimate group.""My highlights were certainly the time spent with the mayor at Lake Bled... and the lunch we had after the visit to the caves. But truly all of it was exceptional.""The guides were exceptional... It was such a different trip with the foraging experience—definitely something not many travelers have done."Discover our 2023 trip to Slovenia here.

Stockholm Style & Design with WSJ. Magazine | June 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at the history of Swedish art and design with exclusive tours of top museums and palaces—including the National Gallery of Sweden and Drottningholm Palace—before they open to the public, in the company of expert curators and guides.
  • Immerse yourself in Stockholm’s modern design scene with intimate, insider-hosted visits to premier galleries and studios. Highlights include receptions at the world-renowned Svenskt Tenn and design gallery Modernity with founder Andrew Duncanson; a visit with architect Andreas Martin-Löf in his home and studio; and a special guided visit of Fotografiska, Stockholm’s groundbreaking photography museum.
  • Explore some of Stockholm’s finest cultural treasures, including a tour of the archipelago—with a stop at the Fjäderholmarna artisan islands—aboard a boat built in the 1960s for Prince Rainier of Monaco and visits to Hagaparken (with its Gustav III Pavilion) and Svindersvik Summer House. Plus: Enjoy plenty of opportunities for shopping.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"[My] curiosity and travel world has opened up and [I have] found the right fit. I'm going to become an Indagare junkie! My favorite part of the trip was Melissa. She is phenomenal, in the best way—very smart, very organized, totally together, yet relaxed, easy, delightful... the ideal fellow traveler. The trip was exquisite in every way, and I now want to go on every trip you guys are offering!"“[The trip] was all I had hoped for and truly exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed everything that you planned and felt that our hosts [Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley and WSJ. Magazine contributing editor Sarah Medford] pulled out all the stops for us to have an amazing, unique experience! The other participants on the trip were each accomplished and lovely to get to spend time with.”"I was surprised by the congeniality of the group. We were all different yet we all traveled well together. The well organized daily itineraries were wonderful as was the transportation to and from. Melissa is a delightful traveling guide as well as being very down to earth and great company. I also was pleased with the level of the hotel and restaurants.""I already knew that I would love Stockholm, and the places we saw were spectacular, but the company of the other attendees was what stood out most to me.""I loved every minute of the time in Stockholm and was enchanted by it all. It really did meet my expectations. Thank you for organizing such a full week of Swedish glam. Everything was special and I loved the variation of it all.""I enjoyed all the curator talks and the access to sites before they opened to public. I thought we had a very nice group, and all our guides and drivers were polite and well-meaning. I always felt very safe and comfortable. The hotel was in an excellent location.""I liked the Acne store. I thought it was a place I never would have gone to on my own. I thought we had excellent guides all around.""I loved the boat ride to the archipelago. Absolutely my favorite part.""I enjoyed not having to plan or worry about logistics, and I loved the variety of architecture and design venues we saw."From Indagare Founder and Trip Host Melissa Biggs Bradley: “One of the city’s most sought-after hotels is Ett Hem. We had our special welcome dinner in the garden conservatory of this special property, which is just unveiling its long-in-the-works and much anticipated expansion with 13 new guest rooms. We also loved our home base, the new Villa Dagmar hotel, right in the heart of Ostermalm—a great walking neighborhood, with design boutiques, top-quality antique shops and fashion re-sellers all tucked in among snug cafés and the deservedly famous food hall, Östermalms Saluhall. Even the window-shopping there was a treat.”Get more trip highlights and Stockholm intel here.Related: Just Back From: Discovering Scandinavian Style—and Spirit—in Stockholm and Helsinki

Wild Mongolia | August 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Discover the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, where Buddhist monasteries sit side-by-side with modern high-rises. Expert-guided tours will introduce you to Mongolian history and art; plus, discover Mongolia’s paleontological treasures on a behind-the-scenes tour of a local laboratory to examine dinosaur fossils excavated from the field.
  • Explore the villages and valleys of Bayan-Ulgii, the westernmost province of Mongolia. Dominated by the Altai Mountains, Mongolia’s highest range, this isolated area has preserved the language, culture and traditions of the Kazakh people who settled here centuries ago and are known for their impeccable textile work (there will be time to shop the markets!). Plus: Learn about the traditions of Kazakh families and nomadic tribes with immersive cultural exchanges focused on tapestry weaving, archery, falconry and horsemanship.
  • Explore the stunning expanses of the Gobi Desert—home to camels, sheep, golden eagles and gazelles—while based at the Indagare-Adored Three Camel Lodge. Highlights will include trekking in Yol Valley National Park, meeting a local nomadic herding family and learning about the traditions of the desert cultures and visiting Tugrigiin Shiree, one of the most famous paleontological sites in the world, for a hands-on experience of a dig.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"The trip gave us special access to unforgettable experiences in a truly remarkable place. Western Mongolia in particular will stay with me for a long time—The ability to spend time with nomadic cultures in way that felt more like cultural exchange than cultural tourism was really special.""This trip was fantastic. The name 'Wild Mongolia' really sums it up. The capital Ulaanbaatar is cosmopolitan enough to allow one to rest up (at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel) from their overseas flights before setting off for the countryside. It has an energy to it and a rawness that sets the stage for things to come. It has some good restaurants, good shops, and a few sites that are worth seeing before heading off to the wilder parts of Mongolia. The two camps where we stayed were perfectly located to give one a true sense of the countryside that was being visited. The Three Camel Lodge in the Gobi was just far enough away from the town we flew into to make one feel immersed in the beautiful Gobi desert. It backed up against a small hill that had 360-degree views. The activities were fun and varied there, and the food was delicious! The excursions were a blast and just the drive across the steppes getting to the different excursions was so much fun. The star gazing at night delivered an unbelievable show. The second half of the trip was just as memorable. The camp was more rustic but the view even more scenic. Meeting the different nomadic people was truly an opportunity of a lifetime, and they could not have been more hospitable! This trip is an adventure. It is a bit rustic and so not for everyone, but for those who love being outdoors and having safari-style dirt road drives and adventures, this is the trip for you!""[The Indagare trip host] Diana did an OUSTANDING job all week…She is a credit to you and the organization. Clearly a very intelligent person, she is unfailingly attentive, cheerful and warm to the members of the group, while shepherding us along. Our local Mongolian guide was terrific and not only ran the program adroitly but is a great ambassador for his country. There were several moments, as always, where things could have degraded, and each time good decisions executed sincerely saved the day. And there were several moments of magic that make a trip much more.""It was a fantastic experience, a true expedition. The mountains were the highlight, but dining outside and sunset drinks in the Gobi desert were pretty fantastic too.""Our local guide was fantastic. Tireless, attentive and very informative. Brought everything to life. He 1000 percent made the trip. It was very clear he is a highly regarded member of the community in Ulaanbaatar and the mountains. Diana was tireless, too."Read more about the experience in trip host Diana Li's article Just Back From: Wild Mongolia.Discover our 2023 trip to Mongolia here.Related: Why Go Now: Mongolia

Paris Eternal & Extraordinaire with the ICAA | September 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Explore the neighborhoods at the core of Paris’ founding, including the historic Île de la Cité, Île Saint-Louis and the Marais, from an insider’s perspective, with your Indagare and Institute of Classical Architecture & Art hosts. Architecture and design visits will include Hotel de Lauzun, the National Archives, the Pinault Collection at the Bourse de Commerce, the Bibliothèque Richelieu and more.
  • Tour with history and horticulture expert Amy Kupec Larue, who will provide unique context and access to the City of Light’s green spaces—places that have bloomed in beauty (and historical intrigue) for centuries—as well as historical sites like the newly renovated Château de Bagatelle, Hôtel de la Marine and the Châtelet theaters.
  • Enjoy a private evening cruise by yacht down the River Seine to admire Paris’ most iconic monuments at night.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"[Our expert guide] Amy Kupec Larue was amazing… [a font of] so much knowledge and very pleasant.""The best part of the journey were the very intimate experiences at the chateaus and Feau Boiseries.""I enjoyed the other travelers and of course [our Indagare host] Catherine who was always on top of things. I loved staying at Le Meurice—the best location.""A wonderful journey. Everything and everyone was above my expectations. This was my first journey with Indagare and the ICAA and it will not be my last."Discover our 2023 trip to Los Angeles with the ICAA here.

Hiking in the Italian Dolomites | September 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Explore the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Italian Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and develop your fitness on daily guided six-mile hikes with expert local mountaineers.
  • Immerse yourself in Northern Italian culture with meals at traditional mountain lodges, or “rifugios,” and savor a tasting dinner at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant St. Hubertus, where Executive Chef Norbert Niederkofler and his team of talented young chefs serve delectable regional dishes following his “Cook the Mountain” philosophy.
  • Experience one of Indagare’s favorite luxury lodges, Rosa Alpina, an Aman Resort, with unlimited access to the pampering spa and fitness facilities, as well as complimentary daily yoga classes. Rosa Alpina is a charming, family-owned and operated, 70-year-old resort, now part of the Aman portfolio, that offers luxurious accommodations and five-star service.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"What an incredible time we had! I can't stop smiling. It was just miraculous...""It was a great experience that steeped us in the beauty, culture, food and history of the Dolomites. It also achieved the perfect blend of physical challenge and relaxation. It was seamlessly organized and every day was a revelation of scenery and food. The experience was wonderfully curated, but also felt very free.""[Our host] Melissa was knowledgable, enthusiastic and warm. She makes you feel you are in excellent hands and are truly having unique experiences through her, but also that you have real agency in your travel experience. She achieves a rare and perfect balance. And her taste in food is wide-ranging and impeccable!""Every hike and and every restaurant experience was superb. The guides were lovely and excellent. I really appreciated the variety of landscapes and of restaurant styles, from the gorgeous grilled meat platter to the exquisite beet-infused flavor bomb gnocchi!""I loved that all levels of hiking were accommodated. I didn’t not feel held back or pushed.""This was the perfect girls' trip—A mix of rigorous hiking, chatty and lingering lunches and quiet (or active) afternoons. By the end of each day, I was excited to crawl into bed and do it all over again the next morning. Each hike was different as were the lunch spots—whose indulgence was earned after an uphill hike.""Melissa is a wizard at planning, engaging, including executing without breaking a sweat! Could not have loved my time with her more.""I totally get why this is such a beloved IJ. I love the combination of stunningly gorgeous scenery, being physically active every day, incredible food, and marvelous company."

A Taste of Modena with Massimo Bottura and WSJ. Magazine | September 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Experience the overwhelming depth and complexity of internationally acclaimed chef Massimo Bottura’s work, in his and his collaborators’ company, with exclusive-access tasting experiences at his Modena restaurants: Franceschetta58 (a contemporary-casual restaurant), Francescana at Maria Luigia (an intimate setting with an open kitchen) and the three-Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana, voted World’s Best Restaurant in 2016 and 2018.
  • Understand the history, culture, art and terroir that inspire Massimo Bottura’s culinary philosophy, in the chef’s company, with expert-guided tours throughout Emilia-Romagna, with a special focus on the region’s emblematic products, including Parmigiano-Reggiano, balsamic vinegar, Lambrusco and tortellini. You’ll have the chance to meet with the producers who are keeping ancient traditions alive—and continuing to innovate for a modern world.
  • Stay at Casa Maria Luigia, the first boutique hotel by Massimo Bottura and his wife and collaborator, Lara Gilmore. In addition to offering exceptional dining, the property is a must-visit for its impressive contemporary art collection, stylish-yet-homey design and beautiful grounds.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"This was a truly once in a lifetime chance to experience Modena through Massimo's unique lens with truly unparalleled access.""Being in the market with Massimo, and just being on his ride in general, was surreal. Also being able to eat at Osteria Francescana with a private group was a "pinch me" moment... Oh, and breakfast...""Seeing Massimo and Lara’s art collection and listening to Massimo talk was heaven... and I met some heavenly people.""It was life-changing. I loved the intimacy and quality time with Massimo and Lara. Felt the pacing was right—you could retreat to hotel if you were exhausted. I felt that the access was unparalleled.""The highlight was the time with Massimo and Lara—visiting the market with Massimo and visiting Tortellante with Lara. I could never have experienced this without Indagare.""Exceptional food, likeminded folks and overall a great time.""This was a special trip and exceeded expectations. The capsule of those few days was filled with spectacular food, fun people, exciting locations and a contagious energy. It was a gift to be with Massimo and Lara so much.""The trip was BEYOND amazing. I hope to be lucky enough to do another Insider Journey!"Related: Food & Travel Legends: Massimo Bottura & His Beloved Modena (Passport to Everywhere Podcast Episode 8) 

South of France Art & Design with WSJ. Magazine | September 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Dive into the contemporary art scene evolving in the South of France with visits to the new Luma Foundation, an experimental arts and culture center; the Carrières de Lumière, which presents an immersive digital reimagination of masterworks; and the Dora Maar Artist Residency. At the same time, look back and  follow in the footsteps of the iconic artists who helped shape the image of the region—namely, Vincent van Gogh—with expert-guided tours.
  • Stay at the spectacular Villa La Coste, a modern-art wonderland in a blissfully remote corner of Provence. This boutique-hotel-meets-open-air-museum packs a punch with sleek, sophisticated rooms, an on-property vineyard and hundreds of acres studded with works of art by the likes of Tadao Ando and Renzo Piano—as well as a culture center you will be able to tour privately, before it opens to the public.
  • Enjoy special invitations to discuss art and garden design with such celebrated local insiders as designer Rose Tarlow, designer Pierre Yovanovitch and author Bernadette Murphy.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"I loved the educational lectures and tours of private homes and gardens, along with some incredible meals.""As a veteran traveler who generally does all the planning, it was such a pleasure to be led to exceptional places and enjoy outstanding meals, all without my participation."Related: Just Back From: South of France with WSJ. Magazine

Beyond the Wall: A History of Berlin with Jamie Sewell | September - October 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Learn about the history of Berlin on a deeper level through intimate, private tours with local scholar and archaeologist Jamie Sewell. You’ll trace the growth of the city from its ancient and medieval roots, through the Imperial era and the Third Reich, to the end of the Cold War, as Jamie Sewell provides unique context at such sites as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall.
  • Explore the rich legacy of Western European art—and its ancient predecessors—with private tours at the the Neue Nationalgalerie and Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Enjoy a unique day trip to Potsdam, which was the seat of the Prussian royal family for centuries and is home to over 20 spectacular palaces, as well as gardens. It was also the site of the fated conference that was held between Stalin, Churchill and Truman at the conclusion of World War II.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"Jamie is a highly qualified and personable guide, just perfect. [The Indagare host] Elise is a treasure. The arrangements and accommodations were just right. My specific goals were met and exceeded.""The pre-trip preparation of the lectures and book/movie recommendations were critical to making the most out of the journey.""I was very excited about this trip. There is so much history in Berlin, it would be hard to unravel in a short period of time without a guide. Jamie was terrific. It was a wonderful trip that I thoroughly enjoyed, and both Elise and Jamie brought levity and warmth to it—even though, due to the nature of the subject matter, it wasn’t necessarily always fun.""I loved the itinerary and was happy to leave the city for Potsdam for one day. It was one of my favorite visits.""This trip gave me all I had hoped for and more. A 100 percent success!"

Discover Saudi Arabia: The Trailblazers Edition | September - October 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Be among the early foreign travelers to explore Saudi Arabia, at a moment when the nation is poised on the precipice of transformation. In the company of an Indagare representative and local experts on the ground, you will learn about some of the projects that are creating a new destination for adventurers and intellectuals, while celebrating the deep traditions, wild landscapes and historic sites that make Saudi Arabia such a time-bending, complex place.
  • Spend three nights in AlUla, Saudi’s undisputed—and rapidly growing—culture hub, with accommodations at the desert-chic tented camp Habitas. In addition to sampling the crafts and internationally competitive cuisine of the charming Old Town, you will also get to tour some of Middle East’s most impressive archaeological sites, which rival Petra, the Parthenon or Machu Picchu—but have none of the crowds.
  • Visit Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, and get a behind-the-scenes preview of the tourism development boom that is underway in the city—and beyond—as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030, an ambitious plan to transition the kingdom into a top travel destination.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:“I will treasure this journey for its unique opportunities to view a nation on the cusp of great change. My eyes were opened to the cultural differences and the common thread we share with the Saudi people. Revelations I can put to use in broadening my understanding as well as for others I will share my experiences with. Isn't that our fondest wish—to break down barriers and create understanding and compassion between others in this ever-expanding world of ours?”“It was an amazing trip—one that I never even thought about taking two months before I signed up for it.”“It was truly amazing to have had the opportunity to visit this part of the world. I am so grateful to Indagare for having the bravery to pull it off.”“I was thrilled to be able to get a first look at Saudi Arabia with Indagare. The country is beautiful, the people are kind and the experience changed my impression of the Kingdom. Traveling to Saudi was truly an illuminating experience. The Kingdom is a great travel destination, whether you are interested in antiquity or in the Crown Prince’s exciting vision for the future.”“This was a fabulous trip and I feel so positively enriched having been on it. I met some incredible people and found the experience worth every penny.” Related: Melissa’s Travels: Just Back From Saudi ArabiaDiscover our 2023 trips to Saudi Arabia here.This fall, we traveled with a film crew from the capital city of Riyadh to the magical deserts and oases of AlUla to capture some of the amazing sites that can be experienced in Saudi Arabia. We also had the chance to interview local guides, craftspeople, archaeologists, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders and insiders, who shared their diverse perspectives on the country’s past, present and future. Check out the trailer. We’ll be premiering this footage in a limited-release, three-episode series to a preview-access list later in January, for complimentary viewing on demand. After, there will also be an invitation to join a live, virtual Q&A and discussion forum with Melissa. If you’re interested in joining the list, sign up through this form.

A Fashion Lover's Milan with Vogue | October 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Go behind the scenes at legendary Italian fashion houses, where you will explore their archives and ateliers and meet with designers and muses—and discover the secrets of Italian craftsmanship.
  • Experience a private tours of the Armani/Silos Museum and Fondazione Prada, two of the finest art and fashion collections in Europe.
  • Immerse yourself in Milanese history and culture with tours of top monuments like Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and a hands-on cooking class at La Cucina Italiana cooking school.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"What a fantastic journey to Milan! I have been sharing with friends and family how much I enjoyed the trip. I love fashion and having Indagare as a guide, introducing us to the back rooms of Tod's, Dolce & Gabbana, Brunello Cucinelli, Ratti and many others, will forever be in my dreams and thoughts. Melissa is a fabulous curator of experiences. Each day on our trip, [she] presented more beauty, surprises and sweet indulgences for all the senses.""I had a fabulous time. The trip was all I dreamed of. The events and experiences were well executed, the food was delicious, the behind-the-scenes learnings were very educational and the team from Indagare,

Vogue and others were so kind and helpful. Special kudos to Melissa, Katherine and Willow!"

"I loved the behind-the-scenes visits, the shopping, the tour of Lake Como, the visit to Ratti, the special evening dinners at beautiful restaurants and the cooking class at La Cucina. I loved it all!"

"We were thrilled to be exposed to so many things we would never have seen if we hadn’t gone with Indagare. We learned a lot and enjoyed introductions to both the people and new experiences."

"I feel that the trip was organized beautifully… Perfect hotel location, great balance between scheduled outings and free time, and the delicious meals were really well-coordinated. Everyone was so friendly, and I felt it was a happy vibe with no pressure to do it all. The Indagare team was incredibly professional and wonderful."

Discover our 2023 trip to Milan with Vogue here.

A Fashion Lover's Paris with Vogue | October 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Go behind-the-scenes at legendary French fashion houses, where you will explore their archives and ateliers and meet with designers and muses.
  • Stay at Le Bristol, the iconic palace hotel and one of Indagare’s favorites—as well as the top pick of many fashion editors and designers.
  • Connect with fellow fashion lovers and industry influencers over cocktail receptions and meals at stylish private venues and top restaurants.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"The Fashion Lover's trip to Paris was exceptional. Our access to exclusive or private showings was a highlight. Each tour felt focused on fashion and personalized to the group. Although there were many activities each day, they flowed seamlessly and flexibility was always prioritized. The Chanel tour was outstanding and will always bring a smile when I think of the beautiful cases of dresses and shoes. The evening at Marco's Paris apartment was a lovely part of the tour, and it made us feel as if we were visiting friends in the city—rather than as tourists. I enjoyed meeting and traveling with the other women on the tour. They were smart, interesting and added to the overall experience.""It exceeded my expectations on all levels.""It was a jam-packed itinerary—but we had the luxury to choose to opt out, and that was the perfect way to do it.""This morning I feel like I just woke up from a dream. I have been on different journeys with Indagare. I have also been to Paris many times before. Something about Milan and Paris with Melissa, Katherine and Emmy was absolutely MAGICAL! I’m simply blown away by my journey with you all. You have an amazing company and team. I can't wait to share more experiences!"From Indagare Founder and Trip Host Melissa Biggs Bradley: “These trips explore the capitals of fashion, their rich histories of craftsmanship and unique creative energies and nurturing of creative talents. They provide a special prism to explore beloved destinations in an in-depth way—these are trips of a lifetime for fashion lovers.”Discover our 2023 trip to Paris with Vogue here.Related: What’s New in Paris: What to See & Do, Where to Eat, Stay — Fall 2022

Magical Morocco: Marrakech & the Atlas Mountains | October 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Explore the former retreat of Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé in the famous Majorelle Garden, a masterpiece of botanical design—and one of Marrakech’s most beautiful and significant landmarks. You’ll also tour the Yves-Saint Laurent Museum, which opened in October 2017 and traces the life and work of the designer and celebrates his connection to Marrakech.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of Morocco with shopping in the souks, a tagine cooking class and an excursion into the entrancing Desert d’Agafay.
  • Experience the ancient history and natural majesty of the Atlas Mountains with two nights at Richard Branson’s beloved retreat Kasbah Tamadot, a truly exquisite property that offers such activities as hiking, village visits, spa treatments and more.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"The dinner at Jnane Tamsna was over-the-top, as was the last night at Kasbah Tamadot... It could not be beat—location and all!""From the dinners at Riad el Fenn and Jnane Tamsna with Meryanne Loum-Martin to the tea with the Berber family, all activities were incredible in their own way. I also adored the cooking school and almost wish we had done that on the second day, as it is such a joyous, happy thing! We all bonded that day. I never do cooking schools when I travel, but that one was over-the-top! Bravo to all.""I cannot say enough fabulous things about my time in Morocco. Indagare knocked it out of the park, and we became immersed in the culture from the moment we set foot in Casablanca. From the guides and our Indagare host Elise, to all the activities, it was perfection! I have been raving about it to my friends and I can't wait to do another trip with you all.""Kasbah Tamadot was too special to miss! What an oasis in the middle of the mountains. It is whimsical yet seriously well-staffed... your wish is their command! WOW! 5 stars!"Discover our 2023 trips to Morocco here.

Best of India | October 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Immerse yourself in the beauty and inspiration of India through once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur and Agra—the perfectly balanced itinerary for a first-time India visitor.
  • Gain context through expert-guided architecture and history-focused tours that showcase the most iconic monuments of India, including palaces, forts, temples and gardens.
  • Enjoy special guided shopping experiences in markets, ateliers, boutiques and workshops that will allow you to peruse an incredible array of jewelry, home goods and textiles, featuring both traditional and innovative interpretations intended to give you a glimpse of the richness and diversity of Indian craftsmanship.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and seemed to genuinely enjoy talking with each of us, even during what might be considered 'down time.' He was willing to share personal experiences along with his vast knowledge of history. I learned so much from him and am grateful to have met him.""The trip was absolutely amazing, and of all my travels, India is my favorite. Our Indagare host Diana Li and our guide were incredible—they were so invested in our experience and so knowledgeable.""My favorite parts of the trip were: A side trip our guide offered to all, but was only taken by three of us, to walk through the back streets of the Jaipur marketplace; the amazing optional visit to a Krishna temple; and our private dinner in the blue rooms of the City Palace."Discover our 2023 trips to India here.

Discover Qatar: Jewel of the Arabian Gulf | October 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Spend five nights discovering Qatar’s capital, Doha, with special access to the events and exhibitions of Qatar Creates—an annual celebration of art, fashion, design, culture and architecture through a weeklong series of programs including fashion shows, installations, tours, workshops and panel discussions.
  • Enjoy VIP art and design touring, with the chance to see works by such icons as Richard Serra, Olafur Eliasson and Ernesto Neto. Visits will include Doha’s National Library and the Museum of Islamic Art, which was designed by I.M. Pei and houses nearly 2,000 years’ worth of Islamic art from around the Middle East.
  • Visit Liwan—Qatar’s first girls’ school, which today serves as design studios and artist labs. Here, you’ll be welcomed for a panel on women’s entrepreneurship in the Middle East, featuring two leading female Qatari creatives. You’ll also explore Doha Fire Station—a contemporary art space and residency—and Katara, the largest cultural project in Qatar.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:"As good as it gets...It was a wonderful experience, and I would have never gone to Qatar otherwise. I am very thankful to Indagare for offering this trip."From Indagare Founder and Trip Host Melissa Biggs Bradley: “Jean Nouvel's National Museum of Qatar is truly one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever seen, and a visit will teach you an enormous amount about the natural environment, history and culture of the region.” Read the rest of Melissa's dispatch from Doha here.Related: Destination Deep Dive: Qatar and the World Cup (Passport to Everywhere Podcast Episode 9) 

Antarctica AwaitsNovember 2022

The Itinerary Highlights: 

  • Visit Antarctica like never before possible aboard the brand-new Quark Expeditions Ultramarine. Sail aboard a state-of-the-art polar-travel vessel (equipped with two twin-engine helicopters), which offers a robust portfolio of adventure activities and luxurious, modern suites, breathtaking public spaces, and more outdoor wildlife-viewing spaces than any other expedition ship of its size.
  • Enjoy zodiac sailing excursions, hiking trips and helicopter flight-seeing over the true final frontier of Planet Earth: the White Continent. As you check this item off of your Bucket List, you can marvel at giant icebergs rising out of the ocean, orca whales on the hunt, and charming penguins as they build their rookeries across the snow—and much more—all while enjoying expert guidance from biologists, glaciologists, and historians, who will provide essential context regarding Antarctica’s wildlife and ecology.
  • Travel in good conscience, knowing that your entire trip has been set up as a carbon-neutral expedition, designed by our team with special care to reduce unnecessary energy waste. Additionally, a portion of the trip’s cost will go towards supporting Indagare’s conservation and environmental initiatives to protect vulnerable environments like Antarctica all around the world. Click here to learn more about the Indagare Impact Program.
Testimonials from Our Travelers:

"It felt like a true adventure—going somewhere few humans get to be. I loved our experiences and activities, and getting out into the environment as much as we did."

"Speechless! The heli-flight is a MUST! The polar plunge was super and it left you reenergized. Taking in the majesty of the landscape, you are left in awe of the amazing things God created. No video or photo can represent the beauty of it all! Team Albatross is the best!"

"I have so many favorites memories. Being so close to the Minke Whale in our zodiac that we actually looked eye-to-eye; kayaking in the ice and by icebergs; the polar plunge; every time we got to be near penguins; zodiac tours of the icebergs!"

"[My favorite part was] the expertise of the expedition guides. They were truly fantastic. The camaraderie of the other people on the trip."

"It was incredible. I loved all the people we met and the sense of adventure we had."

From Indagare Founder and Trip Host Melissa Biggs Bradley: "One of the great advantages of coming to Antarctica in their spring is to be surrounded by snow and ice. The infinite shapes of icebergs and glaciers in the world’s largest nature reserve has led some to call it the world’s largest natural art gallery."

Related: Just Back From Antarctica with White Desert

Curious about small-group travel? It’s not too late to join one of our adventures for 2023. Click here to learn more about the Insider Journeys program from Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley, and explore our upcoming calendar of trips here—with many more coming soon!

Published onDecember 22, 2022

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