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The People We Meet Along The Way: Rwanda

Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley reflects on the people she met on an inspiring Indagare Journey to Rwanda.

Woman in safari clothing and hat looking into the forest

Why Go Now: Rwanda

Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley outlines six reasons to visit Rwanda today.

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Discover the Krug Single Ingredient: Extraordinary Once-in-a-Lifetime Culinary Experiences

Join Indagare Insider Journeys: Discover the Krug Single Ingredient Culinary Experiences

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Discovering Krug Champagne with Olivier Krug

Krug Champagne has continued to set new standards for quality, creativity, and excellence since 1843 when Joseph Krug laid the foundation for the globally recognized Champagne house. In this week’s episode, Melissa is joined by Olivier Krug, sixth generation of the Krug family and current Director of the House. The two dive into Krug’s techniques and innovations, including the Krug Single Ingredient, an initiative founded in 2015 that invites chefs from around the world to craft recipes around each Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug Rosé Édition. This year’s ingredient, Flower, will be highlighted in three upcoming Indagare Insider Journeys. Each bespoke itinerary includes exclusive gastronomic journeys and affords guests the opportunity to taste some of Krug’s rarest cuvées. Together, Melissa and Olivier discuss these special trips, the Krug Family House in Reims, the stringent tasting criteria and more. Plus on this week’s Indagare Insight, Melissa and Olivier reveal champagne tips and insider knowledge you won’t want to miss including the proper glass from which to drink it… Spoiler: it’s neither a flute nor a coupe!

Lightning Round with Olivier Krug

  • Favorite song or type of music to pair with a glass of Krug Champagne? Much like music, Krug champagnes have a fullness of flavors and aromas in which everyone can find something to stir the melody, much in the way anyone can enjoy the universal language of music. Each year, the House invites and works closely with Krug Lover artists from different universes and from all over the world. From traditional rhythms to modern beats, from stereo to multidimensional sound experiments, I am moved by any music as long as they are passionate artists.
  • Favorite restaurant in Reims? L'Assiette Champenoise holds a special place in my heart because I have known Arnaud Lallement for many years. Arnaud is the creative force and the Chef behind all the menus at the Krug Family House. Naturally, this has fostered a strong and enduring relationship between Maison Krug and L'Assiette Champenoise. It’s always a pleasure to go enjoy a gastronomic journey there.
The Dunline outdoors

East Coast Escapes: Hotel News, June 2024

Summer is here, with delightful new hotels welcoming travelers for their first season. Whether you prefer to spend your days by the beach, pool or lake, these properties offer plenty of places for catching up on your reading, sipping something chilled and enjoying all of your favorite outdoor activities. These are a few of the places on our radar.

mushroom dish, round table in front of a window, yogurt dish with greens

Top Tables: Istanbul’s Best Restaurants

Though the restaurant scene changes often, here is our current list of top tables in Istanbul, for any occasion.

array of sunscreen products

Why I Raid European Pharmacies—and What I Buy

Melissa shares some of the items that she stocks up on in European pharmacies and why.

woman in blazer sitting on brown sofa in warm lit room

My London: The Deck’s Daisy Knatchbull

Daisy Knatchbull, creator of London's popular retailer The Deck, shares her favorite shops, restaurants and things to do in her hometown.

dinner party

A London Birthday Celebration

Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley shares highlights and special moments from a birthday trip to London with her daughter.

street view of the largo in porto

An Insider’s Guide to Porto with The Largo's Matilde Barroso

The Largo's Experience Curator Matilde Barroso shares her Insider's Guide to Porto with local recommendations for places to eat, shop, explore and more.

top decks and red funnel of an ocean liner. funnel says queen anne on it

First Look: The Queen Anne, Cunard’s First New Ship in 14 Years

How do you balance a rich history with modernity? Cunard sails in a class by itself.

the duomo of florence with flowers in the foreground

Florence, Ever Fashionable: Tips from Indagare Founder Melissa Biggs Bradley

Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley crafts a Florence itinerary with Laudomia Pucci, finding lesser-known treasure troves.

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Hotel Legends: Inside NIHI Sumba with CEO James McBride

Located in Indonesia an hour east of Bali, NIHI Sumba is an extraordinary place that fuses nature, beauty and wellness in a thoughtful, soulful way. The hotel has been named the ‘Best Hotel in the World’ for two years in a row by Travel & Leisure and has mastered the art of transformative, luxurious simplicity. CEO and co-founding partner James McBride joins Melissa to explore what makes this hotel so special and how its magic came to be. After growing up in South Africa, he spent over two decades leading some of the world's most incredible hotels and has been recognized as ‘One to Watch’ by Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg 50, as well as awarded the Independent Hotelier of the World by Hotels Magazine. He shares insight into NIHI’s unique wild wellness program - from equine therapy with sacred horses to surfing in one of the world’s most iconic destinations, butterfly meditation lounges and more. Plus, Melissa shares some of her favorite wellness retreats on this week’s Indagare Insight.

Lightning Round with James McBride

  • Favorite activity at NIHI? Spa Safari
  • A wellness trend you’re most excited about? Equine connect! Our programs with our retired horses are just phenomenal in balancing the mind , bringing tranquility and building confidence.
  • Something that surprised you about Sumba? How similar it is to Africa. Tribal and beautiful. It has African energy with Asian softness.
  • Sumba in 3 words? Vast, Addictive, Unspoiled
  • Favorite place to watch the sunset or sunrise on the island? The amazing new Nio Beach Bar. It’s breathtaking.
  • Best time of year to visit? It’s great all year round. I especially love June and September.
restaurant interior with white walls and white tablecloths and white seating with white florals and chandeliers

Just Back From: London

Melissa Biggs Bradley shares her latest finds and favorites in London—as well as a great new Indagare Insider who gives her top picks.

outdoor patio with a firepit; wooden table with an array of fresh food; plate of oysters and a glass of white wine on a table overlooking a vineyard

Top Tables: Napa Valley’s Best Restaurants

Though the restaurant scene changes often, here is our current list of top tables in Napa Valley, for any occasion.

19 Metiers, Melissa at Missoni and Missoni looms

Why I Love Our Fashion Trips: They’re Not About Shopping

This isn't retail therapy: Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley shares discoveries from recent fashion-focused Insider Journeys.

new england marina with two-story shingled buildings built on a dock with boats in foreground

Your Nantucket Summer Cheat Sheet for 2024

Here’s our cheat sheet on what to know right now from our recent long weekend on-island, plus some of the newest additions we’ve added to the website to help you plan your next trip.

Sitting room with blue-tiled scenes on the walls, camel-colored couches, and blue velvet sitting chairs

Upon Arrival: Lisbon

Portugal expert Mary Lussiana shares her latest intel on the highly acclaimed Palácio Príncipe Real, while hearing from its owner, Gail Curley, on where to eat, shop and drink, and what to see, in her insider take on Lisbon.

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The Short List: Greek Summer News

Scouting from Athens and the Peloponnese peninsula.

two people on bikes under a wooden sign; family getting out of a kidney pool; little girl with a white pony

The 10 Hotels for Kids Under 10

It's crucial to choose the best hotels for kids when you're planning a family vacation, as great amenities and an engaging kids' club can make a world of difference. Here are our 10 favorite properties where children under the age of 10 will have a great time (and their parents will too!).

craggy mountains behind rolling plains

Top Trips to Take with Dad

There is no better way to treat dads (or the whole family) than with a special getaway. These are the best trips to take with fathers.

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Summer Road Trip Ideas: The Best U.S. Hotels You Can Drive To

Indagare rounds up our favorite hotels in the U.S. that are now open, which you can drive to from major cities, for summer road trip ideas now.

Beach in Comporta Portugal

Comporta, Portugal: Five to Know

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What's New in the Hamptons: Summer 2024

Indagare Travel reports on where to stay, eat, shop and what to do in the Hamptons this summer 2024, from Montauk to Southampton.

Dinner at The Bottle & Glass Inn, Binfield Heath, England

Best Country Pubs Near London

Indagare’s round-up of the best countryside pubs within driving distance to London.

Unknown image

Epic New Zealand

Eliza Harris shares why New Zealand is one of her favorite destinations and offers advice on planning your next big adventure.

Taylor Berry Headshot

Everything Hamptons with Shou Sugi Ban House’s Taylor Rose Berry

Taylor Berry, director of experience for the South Fork’s top wellness destination, Shou Sugi Ban House, recommends the museums to visit and boutiques to browse on rainy days (plus: her must-try martinis).


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