Episode 45 Family Travel Tips & Tricks

“Travel brings out the best version of ourselves, it’s a version that’s very curious and open-minded and open-hearted. And having your children being able to see you in that mode, and you being able to see them… is a very powerful thing,” Eliza Harris shares in this week’s episode on family travel. 

Indagare Editorial Director Annie Fitzsimmons and COO Eliza Harris join Melissa this week on Passport to Everywhere to explore the joys, magic, challenges, pains and practicalities of traveling with family. Annie has a four-year old daughter (who has already traveled to three continents), and Eliza has three sons ranging from high school to college who have traveled the world with her, and during this episode the Indagare trio shares some of their favorite hotels, must-have airplane essentials, destinations ideal for various ages, and questions to consider before planning a trip. They also exchange their own favorite family travel stories – from moments with the Masaai in Tanzania to seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time through a child’s eyes – and discuss how these trips have transformed each of their lives. 

Lightning Round with Annie:

  • Favorite family trip?  I have favorite memories from every trip – from saying “night night” to Copacabana Beach from the Belmond Copacabana Palace when my daughter was seven months to the squeals at Disney Paris (and riding ponies in Luxembourg Gardens). Recently, she loved visiting the Make Way for Ducklings statue every morning in Boston and ice cream from Juice Bar in Nantucket. Overall, anything with a pool has made for great memories!
  • Best destination for toddlers? Anything with a pool! The Four Seasons in Hampshire is a wonderful family resort close to London.
  • Must-have in your airport carry on for a young child? Balloons to blow up in the room, a pack of wet wipes in every bag, a bottle of bubbles for outside and a flat dollhouse
  • Advice for parents scared to take their first international trip? You truly forget the bad moments, and the really bad moments become hilarious family lore. Direct flights are a must and so are (at least) premium economy seats. One of our non-negotiable family rules is no TV or iPads at restaurants, but I’ve broken that rule two times and I can remember exactly where and why – have rules and break those rules if you need to for sanity. Traveling is one of the few things that can make childhood feel longer – you are so present. Parenting in Paris does feel extra special, even with crowds, heat, and exhaustion (and Indagare knows how to help plan to avoid all of those things!)
  • A destination or hotel you can’t wait to take your family to next? I am excited to take Sophie to Oslo and 62 Nord in Norway and the Cipriani in Venice, one of my favorite hotels in the world. I really want to take her to Jumby Bay one day soon. And Animal Kingdom Lodge for a Disney World trip!

Lightning Round with Eliza:

  • Favorite family trip? New Zealand for spectacular natural beauty and a wide range of fun activities
  • Best destinations for teens? Safari for teens is a home run, especially one with the chance to spend time with the Maasai
  • Favorite adventure activities with your kids? Hiking & bush walks
  • Advice for parents scared to take their first international trip? When my youngest son struggled with jet lag, he just slept through dinner every night and woke up happy and rested.
  • A destination or hotel you can’t wait to take your family to next? The Ranch at Rock Creek

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