What is Indagare?

We are a members-only boutique travel company that brings together curated content, an engaged and connected network from all over the world, and the ability to book customized travel with experts. The unique filter we apply to our trip planning ensures our members experience remarkable trips they cannot plan or dream of on their own.

Why should I join Indagare?

Indagare designs personalized journeys for its members, offering unique access to places, guides, and upgrades. When you join our travel community, you’ll benefit from our exceptional service and preferred partnerships with top hotels and travel suppliers. You’ll gain access to customized itinerary planning with experts who specialize in giving nuanced travel context to ensure that you have memorable travel experiences, as well as curated content, VIP amenities and partner perks and invitations to Insider Journeys and exclusive member events. Learn more about our membership benefits, or call 212-988-2611.

How much does an annual membership cost and what does it include?

Our membership pricing is as follows: The Self Planner: $395, The Custom Planner: $2,850. The tiers are tailored to your travel needs and support our ability to provide you with the best service and access to our team’s expert travel knowledge. Learn more about the benefits of each membership option.

What types of trips can Indagare help me plan?

We are a one-stop travel resource for all your trip planning needs. We approach each trip–whether it’s a weekend in New Orleans or a honeymoon in South Africa–as an opportunity to introduce you to destinations and experiences that are suited to your taste. Trips include, but are not limited to: family, romance, long weekend, adventure, once-in-a-lifetime, honeymoons, sabbaticals and celebrations.


What is the benefit of booking my hotels through Indagare?

You will receive preferred rates and VIP amenities at hundreds of hotels and resorts around the world. You’ll gain access to special partner promotions, hotel benefit programs (Indagare Plus, Four Seasons Preferred, and Amex Centurion & Platinum), complimentary breakfasts, room upgrades, and more. We work with hotels directly to find you the best rate, promotion or package.

Why are your rates sometimes higher than those I find on other websites?

Some online rates do not include taxes or city fees or require pre-payment and have strict cancellations terms. Additionally, some booking websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, etc., buy blocks of rooms from the hotels, often the least desirable rooms, and do not offer VIP amenities, which is why their rates may be lower than ours in some cases. If you ever find a rate that is lower than one we quote, let us know and we should be able to match it.

What if there is no availability for the hotel or resort that I want to book?

If we are unable to secure a reservation at your preferred hotel, we will advocate on your behalf and leverage our powerful relationships to prioritize you on the waitlist. Given the strength of our community, we are frequently able to succeed in these situations. In the meantime, our Trip Designers will research alternative, comparable hotel options or propose other destinations.

Can Indagare help me with all aspects of my trip?

Our Trip Designers can plan complete itineraries, including hotel reservations, touring, special experiences, restaurant reservations, transfers and more, for our Custom Planner members when they book hotels through Indagare. We also book yacht charters and villas with complete itineraries. Your Trip Designer will also check in with you to make sure your itinerary is running smoothly during your trip. If you are a Self Planner member and would like to learn more about our trip-planning services, please contact our membership team at membership@indagare.com or 212-988-2611.

Do I need to book my hotels through Indagare in order to work with you?

Yes, in order to plan itineraries, we require that our members book their hotels through Indagare. This allows us to provide a holistic experience to you, apply our VIP amenities to your hotel stay and keep all trip details organized. Should anything go wrong on the ground, our strong relationships with our partners will help us have the agility to make requested changes. If you have already booked your hotels, we might be able to take them over. Contact our membership team at membership@indagare.com at 212-988-2611 to discuss further.

As a Custom Planner member, do I always work with the same Trip Designer?

Our Membership Team will help match you with the Trip Designer that best suits your travel style and can help you achieve your unique goals. We want to make sure that you are working with someone with whom you have a strong rapport as they will be your advisor to help craft a lifetime of travels. After your first trip, if you would prefer to try a different designer, we can make a change. For all travel, whether you work with one or multiple Trip Designers, you will benefit from the entire team’s collective intelligence.

If I am a last-minute planner, can Indagare help me?

Yes, however, we are better able to secure our top guides and hotels with ample lead time. Given the labor-intensive nature of last-minute requests, during busy travel months such as December and June, we ask our members to pay a US$500 fee on trips requested within six weeks of departure.

Can Indagare book travel with my rewards points from my preferred hotel groups?

Unfortunately we cannot book with hotel points.  However, your Indagare booking can earn you points with your preferred hotel group.

Can you help me book flights?

Yes, we have an in-house flight department that works hand-in-hand with our Trip Designers to book your airline travel. Our flight partners allow us to secure competitive airfare with numerous airlines and optimize your route. We book everything from business travel to private jets and charters. There is a $75/person flight booking or a $250/person flight booking fee when using airline points or miles.

How do complimentary membership upgrades work?

Your complimentary membership upgrade is earned based on your spending on Indagare-booked hotels and touring between your membership start date and end date. For example, if you renewed on May 1, 2021 and spent $50,000 on hotels and touring before May 1, 2022, you will be automatically upgraded on a complimentary basis to a Custom Planner membership for the remainder of your membership year. To inquire about your current travel spend, contact membership at membership@indagare.com or 212-988-2611.

What does The Custom Planner's unlimited customized trip planning entail?

Our Custom Planner members work with their dedicated Trip Designer to plan all of their travel, from a weekend in Paris to a month-long sabbatical. Trip planning is unlimited as long as members book hotels within our portfolio.

Can other family members use my membership?

As a member, you can create five separate logins for your immediate family to gain access to our premium content and online bookings engine. Any adults over the age of 21 seeking our itinerary-planning services by our Trip Designers, however, must sign up for an individual membership.

If I want my friends to join my Indagare trip, do all participants need to be members?

No, as long as you, the member, are the only point of contact during the trip planning process and the participants follow the same itinerary, we are happy to book your friends’ travel. Should your friends want to arrange for separate activities or itineraries, we ask that they join under their own membership. Depending on the complexity of the arrangements, there may be an additional group fee, which we will discuss at the time of inquiry.

Do you offer group trips?

Indagare brings people together on life-changing group trips called Insider Journeys. These are group trips crafted by Indagare experts around different passion points, and feature esteemed partners and collaborators including Architectural Digest, Design Miami, Elizabeth Lesser (founder of the Omega Institute), and more.

How can I contact you?

Our offices are open Monday-Friday, 9am – 6pm EST. If you need assistance after hours, our on call team is reachable by email: bookings@indagare.comWe also have a 24-hour number for flight assistance: 888-625-8687.

What support do you provide to help me travel safely and responsibly during Covid?

We share regularly updated information on border openings, health and safety requirements and the current local experience, sourced from our trusted partners on the ground. And if you join as a Custom Planner member, your trip designer will inform you of any changes and cancellation policies, and always ensure that you know when you are within that policy. We also recommend “cancel for any reason” travel insurance and evacuation insurance. For more of our advice on traveling during Covid, see here.

Does Indagare have a minimum budget or per night trip spend?

Indagare has vetted the very best of luxury travel experiences, and our expertise is oriented to five-star hotels, villas, safari camps and accommodations. We currently recommend budgeting, at a minimum, $1,500 per room per night (does not include activities or flights).

Does Indagare plan Honeymoons?

Yes, travelers can join as a Custom Planner member and plan their special trip with a dedicated Trip Design Team (same minimum night spend recommendations apply).

What is Indagare’s cancellation policy?

Indagare’s cancellation policies reflect the hotels and services for each individual trip. We will always inform you of each property or partner’s specific policies before you book, so you can make the most informed decision before booking. While in some cases, we can make changes on the ground, we must be respectful of our guides’ times in destinations.

How does Indagare differ from a traditional agency or Virtuoso?

Indagare combines the services of a boutique trip-planning agency with expert travel content. In addition to trip-planning, we provide members-only hotel reviews, restaurant and activity recommendations, and rich editorial destination content. 


During the trip-planning process, instead of operating as independent contractors competing for business, our team works together to combine the most up-to-date travel intelligence, so our members receive the best service. Along with access to your dedicated Trip Designer, you will also be able to hear from the member of our team who was most recently in a destination, and who can answer any questions you have or check your itinerary to ensure you are not missing anything—be it the buzziest new restaurant or the best under-the-radar local trattoria.

Can Indagare book properties that aren’t on your website? Can you book Airbnb and VRBO?

Indagare’s value-add is in planning travel where we have personally scouted the destination and can recommend it from experience. While we can book a property not featured on our website, we are not able to recommend specific room categories, activities or dining, and cannot guarantee the quality of the experience. We also do not have a relationship to step in should anything happen on the ground. Additionally, for properties that we do not feature on our website, we usually cannot add our amenities, which typically include room upgrades when available, as well as breakfast and food and beverage credits.


We do not book Airbnb or VRBO, as we cannot guarantee the quality of those accommodations, and do not have a contact to step in if you were not satisfied with the experiences. If you prefer villa- or apartment-style accommodations, we do work with high-end rental companies that have a property manager or concierge that allows us to offer additional amenities such as chefs or cleaning services.

How many points of contact will I have?

Custom Planner members will have one dedicated Trip Designer who works hand-in-hand with one or two Travel Operations Assistants. Having a dedicated Trip Design Team allows us to get back to you as efficiently as possible, and provides coverage for your travel-planning when one of your Trip Designers may be traveling on behalf of the company. Please keep your Trip Design Team copied on all emails so that we can provide the most seamless experience for you.

What is the trip designing process? What should I expect?

The Trip Design process begins with a call with your dedicated Trip Designer, so that we can get to know you and your travel preferences. From there, our Trip Design team will recommend destinations or—if the destination is pre-selected—the best hotels suited to you. First, we will book your hotel, then your touring, activities, transfers, restaurant reservations, and any other special activities. As the itinerary begins to take shape, we will send you an itinerary draft and will ask for your feedback and we will continue to edit it until it is your ideal itinerary. Depending on the destination, various elements of the trip will require deposits and/or payment throughout the process for confirmation.

Can Indagare help me with travel insurance and evacuation coverage?

Indagare is not an authorized travel insurance provider, but we can share travel insurance quotes for you from a trusted provider, and connect you directly to their teams if you have questions about coverage or purchasing.

Does Indagare have relationships with private aviation firms and charter companies?

Yes. Indagare has relationships with multiple private aviation firms and charter companies and can pull a quote for you as part of any trip you are planning with us, or on a singular basis. Due to our relationships, we are often able to offer competitive rates.