Wildfires Now: How You Can Help

Wildfires are currently burning across much of the American West, damaging millions of acres in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Nearly 6,000 miles away, Brazil‘s Pantanal—the world’s largest wetlands, and subject of one of our popular sessions from Indagare Global Classroom—is also in flames, with more land already burned than last year’s devastating Amazon fires. These deadly fires have left the Indagare community eager to help. Below, we’re sharing several organizations taking donations to actively support on-the-ground aid, both here in the U.S. and in Brazil.

How To Help: American West Wildfires

American Red Cross: Provides immediate assistance to evacuees with food, shelter, medical care and both on-the-ground and virtual emotional support.

California Fire Foundation: Provides emotional and financial assistance to families of fallen firefighters, firefighters and impacted communities.

Save the Children 2020 U.S. Wildfires Relief Fund: Provides immediate assistance to affected families, with a priority on those in California and Washington states.

How to Help: Brazil’s Pantanal Wildfires

Panthera’s Pantanal Relief Fund: Panthera, a non-profit devoted to protecting the world’s wild cat populations. Its jaguar scientists in the Pantanal are currently helping on-the-ground teams set up fire breakers, conduct flyovers, and actively putting out fires.

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– Peter Schlesinger on September 21, 2020



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