How to Avoid the Flu While Traveling

As winter approaches and ski trips, beach getaways and holiday vacations fill the calendar, so, too, does flu season, and it is crucial to arm yourself, especially when you are on a plane or exposed to more people while on the road. “Your immune system takes a real hit when traveling, because of the exposure to so many different germs and time zones, coupled with the overall stress of travel,” says Indagare Insider Corie Tappin, owner of SoulSpace, a specialized wellness center in L.A. that focuses on well-being and healing. And while the influenza virus is ubiquitous—up to 20 percent of Americans will contract the flu each season—it is also very dangerous, and can easily ruin a vacation. In order to protect yourself, it is important to plan ahead to avoid the risks of contracting the virus. We polled our community of experts for their tried-and-true tips on flu prevention on the road.

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1. Plan Ahead

“The most important thing is to be strong and healthy before traveling,” says Corie Tappin of SoulSpace. “The week before you leave, get lots of rest, exercise and take your vitamins—especially Vitamin D and supplements. One of my favorite immune-boosting supplements is Catie’s Vitamin C powder.” (Her other favorite wellness supplies include ganmaolin, a Chinese herbal formula, to ward off germs; a Z-pack; and saline nasal spray.)

2. Sleep

– Blair West on October 1, 2018

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