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Sydney’s dining scene has gone stellar in the past decade or so, embracing cuisines as far ranging as Greek, Chinese and Middle Eastern, although “Mod Oz” cooking—innovative takes using fresh local ingredients with a nod to classic French technique—still reigns. It’s possible to eat better in Sydney than just about any other city on earth; visitors are often astounded by the creativity of the chef’s and the quality and choice of produce available. But typical Aussie anti-pretension still reigns at the most expensive restaurants, so you will notice a very casual dress code, including diners in shorts and sandals. In another nod to Australia’s deeply egalitarian mindset, some of the most popular spots, such as Longrain refuse to take reservations. Note: While servers in Australia are paid far more generously than their American counterparts, tipping is common, especially at the pricier establishments (10 percent is customary). For an abbreviated list of restaurants, read Top Tables Sydney.

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