Jill Kargman’s Nantucket

The first time the author of Momzillas was on Nantucket was when she was ten days old. Since then, she has returned every summer with her family. Here are some of her favorites on the island.

Favorite Hotel: The White Elephant is where we stayed when I was a kid, and I love waking up on the water.

Favorite Restaurants: Black Eyed Susan’s is my all-time favorite, but even if you have a reservation, you have to line up at six, which is a semi-hassle but worth it for the Caesar salad, the best on planet Earth. I also love The Pearl for seafood.

Favorite Sights: Sunset at Children’s Beach, with kiddies playing before the sun goes down; the lighthouse in Sconset; the view of the harbor from the White Elephant; looking down from the top of Main Street.

Favorite Museum: The Whaling Museum is incredible: the architecture and collection are world-class. You can’t believe this treasure is on a tiny island!

Best Shopping Streets: Main Street and Federal.

Favorite Shop: Parchment is a paper junkie’s dream—they have the best stuff and you drool for it all, from letterpress packaged cards to a ribbon bar to bespoke papers in the back.

Favorite Activity: The playground at Children’s Beach with my kids.

Something I’ll never forget: The feeling that the real world and fast-paced NYC life are solar systems away.

What not to miss: The Juice Bar, for the best ice cream ever.

– Indagare on August 20, 2007



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