Courtesy Burj Al Arab, Bab Al Yam

In recent years, Dubai’s dining has become a main draw for the city. Offering an impressive range of international cuisine catered to (and by) its 90% foreign population. Also, as one of the world’s busiest ports (a hub connecting Europe and Asia), Dubai has the advantage of imported ingredients from all over the globe. It’s not uncommon for a Mexican taco joint to have authentic guacamole prepared by a chef from Guadalajara, and for a fine dining restaurant to have Kobe beef, Maine lobster and New Zealand lamb chops. While many celebrity chefs have planted their flag here, the real culinary treasures are not the Western imports but the ones developed locally. Since Dubai is such a melting pot, “local cuisine” translates to Lebanese or Arabic food. Like many new cities, the best dining options are located at or adjacent to a hotel, mainly because only hotels are allowed to serve alcohol.

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