Behind the Scenes with Indagare: Tanzania and the Maldives Honeymoon

At Indagare, we believe that every trip should be unforgettable and each vacation is designed specifically for the traveler. Here, we dive into a behind-the-scenes look at the planning process for Indagare members Samantha Griffith and Rob Shoobs’ incredible honeymoon to Tanzania and the Maldives. We talk to Travel Specialist, Missy Weil, who orchestrated the memorable journey, as well as Samantha, who reflects on her favorite Indagare-planned experiences.

The Request

Travel Specialist Missy Weil tells us about Samantha’s travel request and explains the planning process:

“For their honeymoon, Samantha and Rob wanted to combine a safari in Tanzania with beach time in the Maldives. On safari, it was very important to them to have experiences with the local Maasai people as well as excellent game viewing, and they wanted to relax somewhere far flung and luxurious afterwards.”

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The Solution

– Kira Reinke on November 14, 2017


This trip was equal parts adventurous, romantic, inspiring and truly once-in-a-lifetime. Thank you so much for making sure it was perfect and exactly what we were looking for!
~ Samantha Griffith, Indagare member since 2011

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