Into the Wild: Interview with Legendary Safari Guide Ralph Bousfield

Born into a family of explorers and raised in the Botswana bush, Ralph Bousfield has a unique perspective on the country’s diverse landscapes and the people and wildlife that inhabit them. His strong relationships with local bushmen and passion for conservation and archaeology have shaped his life’s vocation and the safaris he leads, which provide a multidimensional look at Botswana. His father, Jack Bousfield, was a famous Africa specialist and adventurer and instilled in Ralph a deep respect for the expansive wilderness they called home. After Jack’s death, Ralph and his mother Catherine opened Jack’s Camp in his memory and founded a bespoke safari company. Ralph’s conservation efforts, research and expertise have made him one of Africa’s most sought-after guides and a pioneer in protecting Botswana’s incredible geography.

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– Kira Reinke on September 8, 2017



It’s wonderful to be the shepherd and show visitors the incredible landscapes and cultures that still exist in today’s world. These wild expanses offer people the transcendental and humbling moments they are seeking.
~ Ralph Bousfield

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