James Oseland

Back to Global Conversations 1.25: James Oseland, World Food: Mexico City author

Award-winning food and travel writer James Oseland, formerly a judge of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, shares stories of his food quests from Indonesia to Mexico, Paris and beyond with Melissa Biggs Bradley. In this lively look at the symbiotic relationship between food and travel, he offers insights on the cultural traditions behind his favorite cuisines, tips on finding the best local markets and authentic cooking—and how to bring the global kitchen home.

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Food is almost always baked into the best conversations around travel, because cuisine, or simply good eating, is often one of the most powerful access points to a given region, culture, or society. Ask any self-identified foodie what their favorite dish from their trip was, and you’ll inevitably open up a conversation that covers so much more than just the meal they ate. Food can be one of the greatest pleasures on a trip as well as a valuable vehicle of understanding  — and nobody knows that better than Melissa’s guest on this episode, James Oseland.

James is a food titan — he has been writing about international food cultures and cuisine for decades and has won many of the most prestigious awards in publishing and food journalism. But you may also recognize him as one of the judges from the Bravo series: Top Chef Masters.

James opens up about being a food judge, shares memorable meals, special recipes, and his favorite restaurants around the world, as well as what first ignited his passion for food. And if this conversation leaves you hungry for more of his food tips, be sure to check out his new book series: World Food, and get ready for a mouth-watering episode.

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